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Preschool Letter Matching Game

Letter Matching Memory Game

There is a new Preschool Letter Matching Game you have to try. This alphabet activity is as fun as it is simple. It takes just minutes to set up, stores easily, and is a big hit with kids.

Letter recognition and matching is an important preschool skill. Most incoming kindergartners are tested for their knowledge of the alphabet. However, it can be hard to get kids that age to sit and review them over and over again.

That’s why having a variety of fun games and activities to practice is very helpful. Our favorite games, of course, are the ones that are cheap or free, easy to set up, and very interactive for busy little minds. This game meets all of those criteria.

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Memory Game with Letter Matching

Preschool Letter Matching Game


You’ll need plastic spoons. That’s it – not a huge list. We assorted rainbow spoons, because colors make us happy. Plain white works though too.

Alphabet Matching Memory Activity

To Play:

Write the alphabet letters on top center of each spoon. Make a capital and lowercase spoon for each letter.

Turn the spoons upside down, and lay them out in a grid. You may want to only do 8-10 letters at a time so that the memory game size is manageable.

Preschool Alphabet Memory Game

Then, have the kids play their preschool letter matching game. Turn over two spoons. If they are a pair, you have a match. If not, turn them back upside down, and it’s the next child’s turn.

When you find a pair, you get to keep the spoons. The goal is to see who can find the most matches by the end of the game.

Preschool Letter Matching Activity

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Make it Harder:

If your child is already an expert at letters, turn this into a reading game. Write sight words or CVC words on the spoons. Have the children read the words out loud as they work to find matches.

When the game is over, pop the spoons in a zip lock bag, and keep them for another day.

We hope you love the preschool letter matching game as much as we do. Let us know if you try it. Leave us a comment below or on Facebook or Youtube.

Happy Learning!

Letter Matching Activity Spoons

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