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Preschool Letter Recognition Game

Letter Recognition Ti c Tac ToeWe have a fun Preschool Letter Recognition Game for you today. It’s Alphabet Letters Tic Tac Toe!! How many times have you played tic tac toe while waiting in line or at a doctor’s office? Imagine if you could turn that time into a fun learning activity.

A few months ago we had a very long wait at a car dealership. For some reason they were severely understaffed during a huge sale, and my entire family ended up sitting in a waiting from for hours. Entertaining 5 kids in a car dealership is not the easiest thing ever.

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Coffee Table Tic Tac Toe Set

However, they had a heavy duty Tic Tac Toe set on their waiting room coffee table. We played so many rounds of tic tac toe that I was starting to go a little crazy. My kids came away from that day loving the game, and we’ve been playing it ever since.

One day while we were playing, I realized that we only ever use X’s and O’s. My preschoolers have those down, but what if I could use their enthusiasm for tic tac toe to teach more letters?

Preschool Letter Recognition Game - Tic Tac Toe

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That’s when we got out our favorite alphabet magnets and started switching it up. We played A and N tic tac toe. We played S and T tic tac toe. It was fantastic letter practice, and all while playing a game.

I decided to take it even further and play Numbers vs. Letters. If I’m letters, my preschooler was numbers. He had to make sure the magnets he was using were numbers, and of course we say the names of each while we play.

Preschool Letter Recognition Activity - Number vs. Letter Tic Tac Toe

The next time we play, we might try color against color. My preschooler has those down, but my toddler is begging to play too. She calls all colors green, so that it a good place to start for her.

Thank you for checking out our Preschool Letter Recognition Game – Alphabet Tic Tac Toe. Do you have a preschooler who would love this? Let us know how it goes, and leave a comment to tell us which variations you would use.

Happy Playing!

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