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Preschool Dental Activities




Looking for Preschool Dental Activities?

The Dental Health Math and Literacy morning tubs set is packed with fun activities like tooth brush scissor skills practice, creating toothbrush patterns by color matching, counting and sorting dirty and clean teeth, letter recognition practice by matching upper and lowercase letters, identifying numbers while practicing number sense, counting the tooth fairies money, number order, and more.

Kids will get to enjoy fun hands-on learning while building basic skills for counting, alphabet, shapes, colors, fine motor, and more.

Math and Literacy Centers are great for a couple of reasons.

  1. Building Independence: Kids are able to work on their own or in small groups at their table to use their bin(s). It encourages them to self-start and learn/play on their own.
  2. Socialization: Morning tubs give kids a chance to work together in small groups. They get to share pieces, solve problems together, and even just talk, play, all while learning for a few minutes with a couple of their tablemates.
  3. Creativity and Play: Creativity is something we can build and increase by spending time working on it. Math and Literacy centers are a perfect way to introduce a little more play and freedom into learning rather than traditional worksheets or morning work that kept kids busy but did not encourage creativity and play.

You can use the Preschool Dental Activities the entire month or you can switch them out by activity. I would recommend rotating them by table or group so that children don’t use the same center theme more than once a week.

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