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Rainbow Activities

[divcol class=”one-half first”]Preschool Rainbow Activities for Spring. #rainbows #preschool #kindergarten #springpreschool #preschoolmath #preschoolcrafts #counting

Are you ready for some amazingly fun spring Rainbow Activities? We are! After all of the white and brown this winter, we are ready for all of the colors of spring.

Rainbows are one of my favorite spring themes, because they are so bright and happy. This rainbow activities preschool unit has crafts and hands-on learning while covering important preschool skills.

Ready to see the ideas we are working on? There coming up next, and if you want to use them yourself, just click on the image at the bottom to get them for your little learners.


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Rainbow Activities

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Rainbow Name Writing Practice

Preschool Rainbow Activities - Name Writing Practice. #preschool #rainbowcraft #preschoolcraft #namecraft #rainbows

Learning to write your name is a great skill, but it can be a bit tricky. This is a fantastic way to get in some extra practice. Just write your name down the rainbow.

Rainbow Craft Stick Patterns

Rainbow Pattern Cards Activity for Preschool. #preschool #rainbow #preschoolpatterns #funlearning

Kids need to be able to recognize and re-create patterns. For this fun activity, the children get to imitate a rainbow. Using craft sticks, they mimic various rainbow color patters. Print the pattern cards here, and get your colored craft sticks here.

*Wish you knew where we get our supplies and manipulatives? We’re making it easier for you to find them by including links throughout this post. It makes your life easier, and they even give us a small commission if you purchase through our links.

Rainbow 10 Frames Counting

Preschool Rainbow Counting Activities for Spring - Rainbow 10 Frames. #preschool #counting #10frames #playdoh #springpreschool #rainbows

Rainbow playdough is one of the best things ever!! We use that idea here to count and fill out our 10 frames. You can make your own playdough or buy a set here.

Rainbow Roll & Count Game

Preschool Rainbow Theme Activities - Rainbow Roll and Count Spring Math Fun. #preschool #preschoolmath #counting #rainbows #springpreschool

This awesome rainbow activity doubles as counting and color practice.

First, you’ll want to find the perfect manipulatives. We used our favorite Rainbow Colored Counting Bears, but you could also use buttons, cereal, cars or whatever else you can think of.

Then, roll the dice, count the dots, and place that many bears on the matching color strip.

Rainbow Makers – Color Matching and Fine Motor Skills

Preschool Rainbow Activities - Rainbow Makers Color Matching #planningplaytime #preschoolactivities #rainbows #preschoolprintables #playbased #preschoolworksheets #rainbowcrafts

We LOVE this combination of color matching, fine motor skills, and a little bit of STEM.

  • Kids have to match the colors to make the rainbow stripes.
  • They use fine motor skills to push the pipe cleaners through the holes.
  • STEM skills can be used to help hold all of the different pieces upright.


Making 10 Rainbows

Making 10 Preschool Math Game #planningplaytime #preschoolactivities #rainbows #preschoolprintables #playbased #preschoolworksheets #mathactivities

We love this idea for helping kids practice the early math skill of Making 10. It is part of the kindergarten common core standards, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. If you don’t have rainbow mini erasers, try using colorful buttons to go with the clouds.

Rainbow Color Patterns

Rainbow Activities for Preschool - Color Patterns #planningplaytime #preschoolactivities #rainbows #preschoolprintables #playbased #preschoolworksheets

There are lots of fun ways to practice these color patterns, and mixing it up keeps it feeling fresh and new. We used our rainbow color shape buttons to make these patterns, but you could use pom poms, play dough balls, math cubes, or even cereal.

Try stacking them vertically or lining them up horizontally for fun variations.

Letter or Number Sorting Rainbows

Rainbow Games for Preschool - Letter or Number Sorting #planningplaytime #preschoolactivities #rainbows #preschoolprintables #playbased #preschoolworksheets

Learning to recognize numbers and letters is a great preschool skill. We used our favorite rainbow mini erasers for this activity, but colored pom poms, buttons or other manipulatives.

Rainbow Color Threading

Rainbow Activities - Color Threading Fine Motor Activity #planningplaytime #preschoolactivities #rainbows #preschoolprintables #playbased #preschoolworksheets #finemotorskills #rainbowcrafts

When we are doing our rainbow activities, we like to mix in a great variety of other skills. For this amazing game kids get to work on their fine motor skills in addition to color matching. It is SO fun, and you can use colored straws or dyed noodles to make the holes.

Rainbow Color Matching

Preschool Rainbow Activities - Color Matching and Fine Motor #planningplaytime #preschoolactivities #rainbows #preschoolprintables #playbased #preschoolworksheets #finemotorskills

Pinching and cliping is another way to work on those fine motor skills. Here we’ve matched that with color matching. We buy our colored clothespins from Amazon, but you can paint a bag of dollar store ones as well if you wish.

Rainbow Letters – Roll and Fill

Preschool Rainbow Activities - Roll & Fill Rainbow Letters #planningplaytime #preschoolactivities #rainbows #preschoolprintables #playbased #preschoolworksheets

This activity is a mashup of so many preschool skills. We’re working on:

  • Letter Recognition and Formation
  • Counting and Subitizing
  • Color Matching
  • Fine Motor Skills

Rainbow Craft – Color Sorting

Rainbow Craft for Preschool - Color Sorting #planningplaytime #preschoolactivities #rainbows #preschoolprintables #playbased #preschoolworksheets #rainbowcrafts

We love this fun rainbow craft, and you can do it as a take home or slide the buttons on and off for a repeat color exercise. Don’t be limited to buttons either. Other options you can use to fill the rainbow include:

  • Rainbow Cereal
  • Pom Poms
  • Shredded Paper

Rainbow Letter Matching

Preschool Rainbow Letter Matching Game for Spring. #preschool #springpreschool #rainbows #letterrecognition #lettermatching

Letter recognition and matching is another important preschool skill. For this fun activity the kids will get to find the missing cloud and attach it to their rainbow. You’ll need the Rainbow Printables and we used these Velcro dots.

Rainbow Process Art – Glue Practice

Preschool Rainbow Craft - Salt Painting Process Art. #rainbowcrafts #saltpainting #processart #preschool #springpreschool #rainbows

Salt painting process art is one of our favorite preschool crafts. All of my kids love it! You’ll need the printable template, liquid glue, salt, and liquid watercolors. You can buy liquid watercolors here, or make your own using the recipe below.

To Make Liquid Watercolors:

  1. Pour 2-3 teaspoons of water in a small jar.
  2. Add 5-10 drops of food coloring to get the desired color. For darker, more distinct colors, use more food coloring.

Rainbow Pencil Subitizing Puzzles

Rainbow Subitizing Puzzles for Preschool or Kindergarten #preschool #counting #subitizing #kindergartenmath #rainbows

Get some great counting practice in with these rainbow subitizing puzzles. Children will have to make the numbers 1-10 several different ways to get all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

Rainbow Count & Clip Activity

Preschool Rainbow Counting Activity for Kids. #preschool #preschoolmath #counting #rainbows #springpreschool

This rainbow counting activity can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Simple version – Color dots on clothespins to match the numbers around the rainbow. Have the children count the dots and clip them onto the correct numbers.
  • Advanced version – Write addition problems or missing number sequences on the pins. The children will have to solve the math question before clipping the pin onto the correct number.

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Rainbow Activities Worksheets

We LOVE all of the fun Rainbow Activities Centers, but sometimes it’s nice to have those no-prep, black and white worksheets too. This rainbow theme preschool set comes with 8 of them. They cover things like counting, number and letter recognition, shapes, and colors.

Here’s a look at some of the pages you get with this set.

Rainbow Preschool Worksheets - Counting for Spring. #countingworksheets #preschoolworksheets #springworksheets #preschool Rainbow Color by Number Preschool Worksheets for Spring. #springworksheets #preschoolworksheets #colorbynumber #rainbowworksheets #preschool Rainbow Preschool Worksheets - Number or Letter Sort. #letterworksheets #preschoolworksheets #springworksheets #rainbowworksheets #preschool Preschool Rainbow Worksheets - Matching Shapes. #shapesworksheets #rainbowworksheets #preschoolworksheets #springworksheets #preschoolshapesRoll, Count and Color Rainbow Preschool #countingworksheets #preschoolworksheets #springworksheets #preschool Rainbow Worksheets for Preschool - Classroom Color Hunt. #colorworksheets #preschoolworksheets #springworksheets #rainbowworksheets Adding One More - What comes Next Preschool Worksheet. #countingworksheets #preschoolworksheets #springworksheets #preschoolPattern Worksheets for Preschool - Rainbow Theme #planningplaytime #preschoolworksheets #rainbowtheme #patternsworksheets Preschool Tracing Worksheets - Rainbow Tracing #planningplaytime #preschoolworksheets #rainbowtheme #tracingworksheets Preschool Math Worksheets - Rainbow Number Tracing #planningplaytime #preschoolworksheets #rainbowtheme #numbersworksheets #mathworksheets Preschool Math Worksheet - Missing numbers Counting #planningplaytime #preschoolworksheets #rainbowtheme #mathworksheets #countingworksheets Preschool Letter Worksheets - Letter Matching and Tracing #planningplaytime #preschoolworksheets #rainbowtheme #letterworksheets #alphabetworksheets Preschool Letter Worksheets - Rainbow Letter Tracing #planningplaytime #preschoolworksheets #rainbowtheme #letterworksheets #alphabetworksheets
Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out our Rainbow Activities. We hope you enjoyed them, and if you want to do them yourself, you can find all of the printables by clicking this image.

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