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Read-to-Build Word Towers Activity

Read-to-Build Word Towers Reading Activity for Kids.

We have some new CVC word reading fun for you today, and it is our Read-to-Build Word Towers activity. I’m not sure who enjoyed this activity more, my daughter or my son, but either way, it was a total hit. Sticky notes are always a hot commodity around here, and I regularly find them stuck all over the house. I was at my favorite dollar store yesterday, and saw a 4-pack in fun colors. I couldn’t pass them up at that price, and they struck me as just the thing for our reading practice today.

My favorite thing about this Read-to-Build Word Towers activity was that in order to build, you have to read. You don’t get your sticky note blocks until you read what is on them. Basically, the more you read, the higher you can build. Genius right? 😉 I have my moments, lol. Honestly I was having a hard time writing fast enough to keep up with one of my kids. The preschooler was a bit slower which, thankfully, saved my arm. At some point he even wanted to choose his own words to go on the notes, which I thought was a fun twist too.

Read-to-Build Word Tower Reading Activity for Kids.

The best activities, in my opinion can, be altered to fit a variety of educational topics, and this one is no exception. You could make sight words towers, spelling towers, addition or multiplication towers. Whatever the question or problem, they just have to finish it before they get their blocks. They can each have their own wall, or build a cityscape together along the same wall. One of my kids wanted to build in color patterns, and another child went more random. I loved the creativity they brought to it, and it was so fun to work on as a group.

I hope you get a chance to try this one with your little readers. Building word towers was our favorite part of the day so far, and I love that it supports encouraging my kids to learn and love it.

Happy Reading!

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Read-to-Build Word Activity for Kids. So fun!

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