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September Writing Prompts

September Writing Prompts

The September writing prompts are here, and they are too fun! September is like the peanut butter and jam of the summer/fall sandwich. It’s stuck right in the middle, and it’s delicious. I love the warm days, but wearing my sweatshirt in the evening. I love colorful leaves and picking apples from our tree. I love that we still get to hang onto bits of summer but also enjoy fun fall things.

This writing prompts set has a bit of everything. It’s perfect for a season change month with narrative, informative, and opinion topics that children can enjoy. One of my favorite prompts this month is My Town. It give the kids the opportunity to think and share about the place they live. They can talk about the buildings, the places to visit, and what makes their town special. I would pair this with an art project to draw their town, and give it to them as a keepsake.

One of our narrative prompts asks the children to retell their favorite story. This could be any story they’ve ever heard or one they make up themselves. It asks the children to introduce the story, then tell what happens, first, next, then and last. Again, it could be great fun for the children to draw a picture of their story to go with their written draft.

My favorite opinion topic for this month is My Opinion About Music. I want to know if you love it or hate it and why. You could also write your opinion about what kind of music is best. I’m still trying to convince my pre-teen daughter to love Country, so maybe I’ll fill out one of these for her. 😉

I always love to give you a preview so you can pick out your favorite prompts on your own. Here it is. Feel free to pin your favorites.

September Writing Prompts – Informative

* My Town
* My Hero
* How to Bake a Giant Cake

Informative Writing Prompts for September - My Town. Informative Writing Prompts for September - My Hero. September Writing Prompts - Informative: How to Bake a Giant Cake.

September Writing Prompts – Narrative

* If I Lived in the Ocean
* If I Could Fly an Airplane
* My Favorite Story

Narrative Writing Prompts for September - My Favorite Story. Narrative Writing Prompts for September - If I Lived in the Ocean. September Writing Prompts - Narrative: If I Could Fly an Airplane.

September Writing Prompts – Opinion

* My Opinion About Sleepovers
* My Opinion About Music
* The Best Kind of Pizza

Opinion Writing Prompts for September - My Opinion About Music. Opinion Writing Prompts for September - The Best Kind of Pizza. September Writing Prompts - Opinion: My Opinion About Sleepovers.

Thank you for taking a look. I hope you find some you would like to use with your students, and you can purchase the set by clicking on the top image. Have a great month!

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