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Shapes Worksheets

Shapes Worksheets and Games for Kindergarten Math #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #kindergartenworksheets #mathgames #planningplaytime

Get ready for an amazing math unit with these fun shapes worksheets for kindergarten.

Children will get to compose and build with shapes, making new shapes, pictures and even the shapes themselves. They will get to sort 2D and 3D shapes as well as sorting shapes by attributes like number of sides and vertices.

Best of all, these kindergarten shapes worksheets and activities are full of hands-on fun. The children will be learning through play which is, by far, their favorite way to learn.

shapes worksheets for kindergarten

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Our Laminator and Laminating Sheets.


Shapes are one of the first things toddlers and preschools do in early math. As we get into kindergarten they deepen that understanding by starting to learn about vertices, sides, and even the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.

2D Shapes for Kindergarten

We’ll start with some 2D shape activities like sorting shapes by type, and then by sides and vertices. We’ll also look for shapes in real life which is an important kindergarten math skill.

kindergarten shapes activity - 2D shapes sorting

Real Objects Shape Sorting

One of the important skills children learn about shapes is how to identify them in real-life objects. This cup sorting game is a great way to do just that.

shapes activities for kindergarten - classifying and sorting shapes

Classifying Shapes Sort

Early geometry teaches kids how to classify shapes by attributes like the number of sides or vertices. They get to work on that here using cute shape buttons. This doubles as a fantastic science project as well.

kindergarten shapes game - 2d shapes activities

Spin and Cover Shapes

How cute is this simple shapes recognition game? Spin and cover the shapes with snap cubes or other manipulatives.

kindergarten shapes game - hidden shapes find and count

The Great Shape Detectives Game

In this fun I Spy type game, children search for shapes in the picture. They can circle them and then write how many they find.

shapes worksheets for kindergarten

Learning Shapes for Kindergarten

There are several key parts of learning shapes in kindergarten. We want kids to be able to distinguish between 2D and 3D shapes and identify them in real life. We also want them to be able to create the shapes and classify parts of shapes like how many vertices and sides they have. Activities in this pack help with all of these concepts.

Sorting 2D and 3D Shapes - Kindergarten Shapes Math Game #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #kindergartenworksheets #mathgames #planningplaytime

The Shape Games Championships – 2D vs 3D

We LOVE this sports-themed shapes game. Children pick cards and move their ball across the field to see if whether the 2D or 3D shapes win the Shape Championships.

Shapes Activities for Kindergarten - building shapes

Build a Shape with Manipulatives

For this activity, children get to practice making the actual shapes out of things like blocks, craft sticks, playdough, yarn, and more. This works as a STEM project as well.

Fun Composing Shapes Math Activity for Kindergarten #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #kindergartenworksheets #mathgames #planningplaytime

Kindergarten Shapes Art

This activity combines several kindergarten skills. First, the kids get to pick shapes and cut them out. Next, they get to compost a picture with the shapes they picked. Finally, they get to count and record the shapes used in their picture.

Describing Shapes with Prepositions for Kindergarten Math Shapes Unit#kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #kindergartenworksheets #mathgames #planningplaytime

Hide & Seek Shapes Prepositions

In kindergarten, children learn to use preposition words to describe the location of shapes. This hide and seek game is a fun way to practice that. They can even use a shape block to move the shape to the location described on each card.

Pattern Block Shapes Printables

One part of teaching shapes in kindergarten is how to compose shapes using shapes. In these activities, we use pattern blocks to build shapes and pictures.

Pattern Block Shapes Printables for Kindergarten math

Making Pictures with Shapes

Another important shapes skill is being able to use shapes to make pictures. Children can practice using pattern blocks to recreate these pictures. They can try making a few of their own.

Pattern Block Shapes Printable - Compsing Shapes

Composing Hexagons

Hexagons are such a fun shape to compose, and here children get to practice their skills in building their own beehive.

Pattern Block Shapes Template - Roll a Shape Activity

Roll & Create with Shapes

Kids will love this mystery building project. You don’t know what shapes you’ll have to work with until you roll the dice. Build something amazing with what you roll, adjusting as you go. cereal.

Pattern block shapes printables - composing shapes

Composing Shapes with Shapes

Finally, we have our composing shapes with shapes cards. Children get to practice making shapes with a variety of other shapes. They can copy the ones on the cards, and then try making a few of their own.

shapes worksheets for kindergarten


In addition to the hands-on math centers above, we also created 15 fun kindergarten shapes worksheets for you. These worksheets include tracing shapes, cut and paste, sorting by shape, and graphing.

Kindergarten Shapes Worksheets

These worksheets are designed to help kids identify basic shapes, be able to trace those shapes, and then find them in real-life objects.

Kindergarten Shapes Worksheets - Triangles #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
Kindergarten Shapes Worksheets - Cubes #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
Kindergarten Shapes Worksheets - Circles #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
Kindergarten Shapes Worksheets - Spheres #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
Kindergarten Shapes Worksheets - Octagons #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
Kindergarten Shapes Worksheets - Cones #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets

Shapes Sorting Worksheets for Kindergarten

Sorting or classifying by shape is a great skill for kids to learn. As kids identify shapes in real-life objects and sort different 2D and 3D shapes, they will also get to practice their scissor and gluing skills.

2D Shapes Worksheet for Kindergarten Math #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
Shape Matching Cut and Paste Worksheets for Kindergarten. #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
3D Shapes Worksheet for Kindergarten Math #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
Find and Color Matching Shapes - Kindergarten Math Worksheets #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
Find and Color Matching Shapes - Kindergarten Math Worksheets #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
Roll and Color 2D Shapes - Kindergarten Shapes Worksheet#kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets

More Shapes Worksheets for Kindergarten

Here are more options for kids to work on tracing shapes, composing shapes, and even coloring or graphing shapes.

Shapes Tracing Worksheet for Kindergarten #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
Find and Graph Kindergarten Shapes Worksheet #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
Composing Shapes Worksheet for Kindergarten Math #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets
Color by Sides - Kindergarten math Worksheets #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #shapes #geometry #mathworksheets #shapesworksheets #kindergartenworksheets

Grab ALL of these amazing shapes worksheets for kindergarten for your next math unit today and have your best kinder math centers yet.

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    1. Hi JJ,

      The Shape Building cards are in color. They are pages 23-26 of your pdf. The Shape Makers Art shape pages and Shape Championships green field page are designed in black and white because it is usually cheaper for teachers to print on colored paper than use colored ink. I just chose a variety of colors and put them in the printer to print the colored shapes on. The Shape Championships field I printed on green.

      The second page in the set is a Table of Contents. It will tell you where to find each of the pages in the pdf. You can also reference the instruction cards, pages 3-5, for pictures of each activity by it’s title to find under the Table of Contents.

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