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Snowman Activities for Preschool

Preschool Snowman Unit for Winter #preschool #winterworksheets #snowmantheme #planningplaytime

Do you need cute Snowman Activities for Preschool? We have a big list of them that teach while being fun and interactive. This awesome new Snowman Preschool Unit includes educational crafts, games, learning activities and worksheets.

Snowmen are such an icon of outside winter play. They encourage the imagination, and are often a cherished childhood memory. We’ve tried to capture some of that magic in this new preschool unit. Children will get to count snowballs, build snowmen, and play with them in these fun learning activities.

Take a look at some of the amazing ideas in this set.

Preschool Centers - Snowman Theme

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Our Laminator and Laminating Sheets.


You will probably need a wide variety of Snowman and Winter activities for your preschool lesson planning. We’ve included activities ranging from alphabet and counting to patterns, sensory, and more. Check them out below.

Snowman Math Activities for Preschool

Anytime we are teaching early math we need to cover different parts of number sense. In the following math activities, you’ll find counting, subitizing, games, and more to teach number sense during your preschool Snowman theme.

Cute Preschool Counting Activity for Winter

Snowmen Counting Sticks

We love this counting activity and the sensory aspect too.

Awesome Snowball Counting Activity for Winter.

Mitten Snowball Counting

Work on fine motor skills with your tweezers while counting the snowballs.

Roll and Cover Snowman Counting Craft for Preschool.

Roll & Cover Snowman Craft

Games are such a fun way to practice math skills. Roll and count until you complete your snowman.

Snowflake Counting Activity for Preschool.

Winter Scene Snowflake Counting

Create your winter tree by counting snowflakes and placing them on the tree.

Snowman Tally Sticks Math Activity for Kids.

Snowman Tally Sticks

Tally counting is another fun way to practice number sense. We glued the snowman to large crafts sticks.

Fun Counting Activity for Preschool

Snowman 10 Frames

Fill the snowman’s scarf with snowballs. You can use pom poms or cotton balls.

Roll and Fill Snowman Counting Activity for Kids.

Roll, Count and Fill Snowman Craft

Do you want to build a snowman? With this activity you can and have some math fun too!

Winter Pattern Cards for Preschool

Snowman Block Patterns

Patterns help us learn what comes next. Using small blocks, create and finish the patterns.

Preschool Centers - Snowman Theme

Snowman Literacy Activities for Preschool

In preschool, we work on a range of literacy skills depending on where our kiddos are at. These snowman themed centers explore alphabet letters, letter formation, name practice, and more to use in your Snowman preschool theme.

Preschool Letter Matching Puzzles for winter.

Snowmen Letter Puzzles

Build your snowman by connecting the correct upper and lowercase letters.

Winter Sight Words Activity for Preschool - Smash the Snowballs.

Smashing Snowballs Sight Words

Grab the playdough and smash each one as you sound out and read the sight words.

Winter Name Spelling Practice for Preschool

Snow Storm Name Practice

Practice letter recognition by building your name in the snow.

Winter Sequence Story Cards

Winter Sequence Stories

Practice building stories with the picture card.

Sensory Snowball Letter Hunt Activity for Preschool

Sensory Snow and Letter Bin

This easy sensory bin is perfect for letter recognition. Fill a bin with cotton balls, hide the letters and you are all set!

Melting Snowman Letter Tracing Activity for kids.

Melting Snowmen Letter Tracing

Sensory activities are one of the best ways to practice early letter formation. You can use shaving cream or whip cream to write the letters.

Preschool Centers - Snowman Theme

Snowman Shapes and Color Activities for Preschool

Learning about shapes is a skill that helps kid in the future for classification. Here we get to practice shapes by sorting and creating different shapes.

Snowman Color Matching Activity for Preschool.

Snowman Color Matching

Build your snowman by the correct colors and give then the correct color buttons with pom poms or circle cereal.

Preschool Shapes Activity for winter. So cute!!

Snowman Playdough Shapes

Using playdough to create shapes is a fun way to add sensory into your play!

Preschool Centers - Snowman Theme

Snowman Worksheets

In addition to these fantastic Snowman Activities for Preschool, we also have 15 no-prep, print and go worksheets. They’re all designed in black and white to save you ink, and… the kids get to color all of the pictures themselves. BONUS!!

These fun extra practice worksheets include tracing, cut and paste, and other great preschool skills.

Snowman Math Worksheets

These Snowman worksheets cover a variety of early math skills. Teach kids number order, counting, and number recognition with these fun math printables.

Snowballs Counting Worksheet for Preschool - Fun Winter Preschool Theme
Preschool Subitizing Worksheets - Snowman Counting
Snowman Same or Different Worksheets for Preschool.

Snowman Literacy Worksheets

We are constantly working on early literacy in preschool. These Snowman literacy worksheets allow you to differentiate between a variety of learning levels. Younger preschoolers and pre-writers can start with the sorting whereas more advanced learners can work on letter sounds and letter tracing.

More Snowman Worksheets for Preschool

Some of the most important skills preschoolers learn are not math and literacy. With these turkey worksheets they can also practice fine motor skills, tracing and scissor skills.

Preschool Centers - Snowman Theme

Looking for More fun printables?

Check these out!

Winter Preschool Binder - Low Prep Preschool Activities
Arctic Animals Activities

Want access to more amazing activities, check out Play to Learn Printables Club.

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    They are all fab ideas and we would love to use them over the next couple of weeks if possible. Thanks. Leanne Heslop

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