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Sunshine Addition Activity for Kids

Fact Families Addition Activity for Kids. So fun!Fact families are something every kids has to learn, and this Sunshine Addition Activity for Kids is a great way to practice that math skill. It’s fun. It’s interactive, and it’s easy to set up. We love that combination!

The spring sun is trying to squeeze it’s way through the clouds here lately. Warmth is ever so close, but it can’t seem to win the fight with the wind and rain. I thought we’d help it out a little bit by making our own little indoor suns for math practice.

Sunshine Addition Activity for Kids. Great for Fact Families.


Addition Activity for Kids

This addition activity is beautiful simple, but effective. Start with numbered yellow circles to serve as the center of your sun. You can create these by tracing the top of a cup onto a sheet of yellow construction paper or card stock.

Number your yellow circles, and then laminate them for extra strength and durability.

Write the beginning of addition sentences down on the top edge of wooden clothes pins. We used addends whose sum equaled less than 20, but you can use whatever level you are on. Plan to make at least 5 clothespins for each sun. You can add more if applicable.

Fun Addition activity for kids - Fact Family Suns

Then, have the children clip the clothespins onto their matching sum suns. (They can use a piece of scratch paper or a dry erase board to solve double digit addition.) Arrange the clothespins in a fun way that makes the final project look like a happy sun.

Fact Family Suns Math Activity for Kindergarten.

This activity will work for all kinds of fact families. Change up the clothespins to display subtraction, multiplication, or division. You can easily change the level by switching out which numbers you use.

Store this activity for repeated use by placing the pieces in a gallon zip lock bag.

Thank you for checking out this fun sunshine addition activity for kids. We hope you found it helpful, and are able to use it as you teach fact families to your students and kids.

Enjoy Spring!

Fact Families Addition Activity for kids

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