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12 Cute Valentines Boxes for Kids

Cute Valentines Boxes for kids.My 5th grade daughter’s class is throwing a Valentines box competition this year, and she is beyond excited. We’ve searched and pinned fun ideas high and low, and then, of course, she came up with own brilliant idea. However, I can’t wait to show you our 12 favorite Valentines boxes for kids.

What makes a good Valentines box? A kid who loves it. I’m sure the kids behind these adorable boxes couldn’t wait to show them off. Isn’t it great that Valentines boxes can be almost anything?! We’ve seen animal boxes, toy themed boxes, and special character boxes.

You can make them out of almost anything too. Grab a box and get gluing. A bit of colored paper, some sparkle or paint, and you can create almost anything out of a box.

Here are some of our Favorite Valentines Boxes for kids:

Valentines Boxes For Kids

Cute Blue Valentines Mailbox for boys.

1. This cute Valentines Mail Box goes a bit literal, and I love it. How fun to drop letters down the slot, and then collect them at the end. Plus, take it to the playroom after the holiday for pretend play fun.

Ruffle Cake Valentines Box for girls.

2. My daughter fell in love with this beautiful Valentines Cake box for girls. The color is perfectly pink, and then the ruffles!! She couldn’t get enough.

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Honey Bee Valentines Box for kids.

3. This cute Bee Valentines box had us buzzing. 😉 I always love a good yellow and black stripe pattern, and the pink accents were just enough to make it festive without going over the top.

Valentines Box ideas for kids.

4. Who couldn’t love a Pete the Cat inspired Valentines box. It’s just too cute. The eyes say it all.

5. This little Love Robot makes such a cute Valentine collector. The kids can build him themselves, and accessories him or her to their hearts content. So Fun!!

Awesome Alligator Valentines Box for Kids.

6. This little Alligator box might eat your Valentines before you get a chance to. I can just picture the kids sticking their arms through his teeth to drop off their cards. What a fun idea!

Lego Valentines Box for kids.

7. This cool Lego Valentines box for kids inspires the builder in all of us. I want to make a pile of them so I can stack them together and build a fort.

Love Boat Valentines Box for kids.

8. Toot, Toot. The Love Boat is setting sail, and it’s taking your Valentines with it. This box just makes me happy. I love that they included the fish in the sea at the bottom of the boat.

Valentine Boxes for kids.

9. What about a Valentines box that can take you to outer space? We loved this Rocket Launcher idea with the flames shooting out of the bottom.

10. Love birds are the only residents of this Bird House Valentine collector. We loved how the roof popped up for easy filling.

11. If you’re going for a fast and easy Valentines box idea, these Monster Tissue boxes are just the thing. With a couple of pipe cleaners and some paper eyeballs, you’ll be ready to gobble up those valentines.

Cell Phone Valentines Box for kids.

12. So would you like to know what we ended up with? Drum roll please. 🙂 My 5th grader is turning in her Cell Phone Valentines Box. I don’t know if she’ll win, and I don’t care. The fun of making it is what counts.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and may your boxes, whatever they look like, be filled with love from good friends.


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