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10 DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

10 DIY Musical Instruments for Kids.Kids love music. Anything that will get them up and moving is great with me too! Crafting is something we love to do as a family. These DIY musical instruments for kids give just the right amount of inspiration to grab your crafting box and a couple recycled materials to start creating your own musical instruments.

We sing and dance all the time in our house and LOVE playing musical instruments. I thought I would put together a great list of instruments we can make ourselves.

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Here is your list of DIY musical instruments for kids.

10 Fun DIY Musical Instruments for Kids.

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

  1. Straw Pan Flute Craft – Making a pan flute is one of the easiest DIY musical instruments you can make. Grab a handful of straws, some tape, and you are ready to play like your favorite cartoon characters!
  2. DIY Xylophone – I knew my stash to cardboard rolls would come in handy sooner or later! Create a simple xylophone with recycled materials and use straws as mallets. Your xylophone can be completly customized with beautiful painting or stickers. This would be a great musical instrument to create while studying the letter X too.
  3. Rainbow Sensory Bottles/Music Shakers – I can’t get over the beautiful colors in this shaker! Make your own with whatever you have in your craft box. There’s no “right” way to make this beautiful instrument and your kids are going to love making their own. Use this as a fine motor work for the littles or simple counting exercise for your preschoolers.10 DIY Musical Instruments for kids. So fun!!
  4. Homemade Baby Guitar – So simple. I don’t believe I haven’t thought about it before. Grab a handful of rubber bands and your bread pan. Be sure the rubber bands won’t snap and let the little ones make music for hours!
  5. Make Your Own Maracas – We have a couple plastic eggs that didn’t fair so well last Easter. Tape them up with some rice inside and make your own maracas. Use colorful tape and spoons and let the dance party begin! Preschool Curriculum binder for parents and teachers
  6. How to Make a Kazoo – Kazoos are one of my kids favorite musical instruments. Do you remember playing them as a kid? Use recycled cardboard rolls and decorate your own kazoo. Then have the kids take them outside for a neighborhood block party.10 Cool DIY Musical Instruments for Kids.
  7. Make Coffee Can Drums – These coffee can drums are classic. You can use varying sizes of cans to make different drum sounds. I like that they used colorful balloons and layered them for effect. This is a great gross motor activity for your young ones and a fun way to help grandma or dad keep the beat for your kids’ next dance train through the house!
  8. Rainbow Rainmaker – Gorgeous! Making a rain stick is easy and fun. Ask your children to choose their own tape colors and make a beautiful pattern. Add these rain sticks to your study of the rainforest or Africa.
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  9. How to Make a Hand Drum – I had no idea you could make your own hand drum. I had one as a child and LOVED it! Use recycled materials and your craft stash to make a beautiful set of these hand drums for your children. This article makes a note to be sure you have balloons that won’t break, but small enough to stay taunt.
  10. Popsicle Stick Harmonica – Harmonicas made out of popsicle sticks. Who knew!? I love the colors in this set of harmonics. The vibrations made between the two sticks makes a fun noise. Encourage your kids to make up their own songs or squeeze the sticks together in the middle to vary up the sounds.

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