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1st Grade Worksheets for January

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1st Grade Worksheets for January

My latest project, 1st Grade Worksheets for January, is finally finished. I was inspired by the unusual amount of snow we’ve had this year. It came down on Christmas, and just never left. We’ve been making snowmen, having sledding races down the neighborhood hill, and warming up by the fire.

This set of 25 Math and Literacy printable worksheets are a No Prep, fun way to work on common core concepts. They cover addition, subtraction, measurement, reading, writing, grammar, and more. These printables could be used as morning work, homework, math and literacy center activities, or as part of a lesson plan. Learn with snowmen, penguins, polar bears, owls, hockey players, and other winter fun stuff.


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1st Grade Math and Literacy Printables Preview

Here is a sneak peak at the worksheets in this set.

  • Beginning Blends
  • Snowmen Verb Tenses
  • Roll and Write Inflectional Endings

1st Grade January Beginning Blends Worksheet 1st grade January Worksheets - Inflectional Endings. 1st Grade January worksheets - Winter Snowman Verb Tenses. Fill in the missing words.

  • Reading Comprehension Passages & Questions: The Long Walk
  • Hockey Conjunctions
  • Capitalization Fix it Sentences

1st grade Reading Comprehension passage for January - The Long Walk 1st grade winter worksheet for January - Hockey Conjunctions. First Grade January worksheets - Fix it Sentences for Capitalization.

  • Ice Fishing for Long and Short Vowels
  • Plural and Singular Nouns
  • Search and Tally Digraphs

January 1st grade worksheets - Long and Short vowels Ice Fishing. January 1st Grade Worksheets - Plural and Singular Nouns January 1st Grade Worksheets - Search and tally digraphs, math and ELA.

  • Informative Writing Organizer Prompt – My Favorite Animal
  • Narrative Writing Organizer Prompt – My Favorite Vacation
  • Opinion Writing Organizer Prompt – My Opinion About Homework

January 1st Grade worksheets - Opinion Writing Organizer My Opinion About Homework 1st Grade January Writing Prompt Worksheet - My favorite Vacation. 1st grade January ELA worksheets - Informative Writing Prompt My Favorite Animal

  • Fill in the Blank Equations
  • Winter Subtraction Puzzle
  • Halves and Quarters Geometric Shapes

1st grade January Math Worksheet - Fill in the blanks equation. 1st Grade January Worksheet - Subtraction Puzzle with a secret code. 1st Grade January Worksheets - Shapes in Halves and Quarters

  • Penguins 10 More 10 Less
  • Cool Clocks on the Hour
  • Cool Clocks on the Half Hour

1st Grade January Worksheets 10 More 10 Less math January 1st Grade Worksheets - Cool Clocks Telling time Spin and color.

  • Winter Measurement Worksheet
  • Winter Addition
  • How Many Snowballs Subtraction Word Problem Under 20

1st Grade Worksheets for January - Winter measurement. First Grade January Worksheet - Winter Addition Set First Grade worksheets for January - How many snowballs Subtraction Word Problem Under 20.

  • Roll and Switch Commutative Property of Addition
  • Greater than Less than Penguins

January 1st Grade Math Worksheets - Commutative Property of Addition. Roll, add, and switch. January 1st Grade worksheets - Greater Than Less Than Penguins Winter Math

  • Roll, Draw, and Expand in Base 10
  • True or False Equations

January 1st Grade worksheets - Roll, Draw, and expand in Base 10. January Worksheets for 1st Grade - True or false equations

I hope you enjoy this latest set of worksheets. It has been so fun to make them. You can purchase the set at my TPT store here. Let me know in the comments which ones you like the most, or if you have requests for future sets.

Have a great winter!!

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8 Responses

  1. So cute!! The only thing is that 5+6 does not equal 13 as shown on your Roll and Switch Commutative Property of Addition sheet.

    1. Very true!! That’s what I get for working on these wayyyyy to late at night. I fixed it months ago, but the image on pinterest is still the original. The download is correct though. Thanks for keeping me straight. I need that sometimes. 🙂

  2. I purchased these for my son who is currently in kindergarten and will use some of the printouts now for things they are learning online with his teacher.

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