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4th of July Fireworks Craft

4th of July Fun Fireworks Craft IdeaI can’t stand paint.  I know this makes me a terrible mom, but I really hate it.  Painting activities are always messy.  There’s just no getting around it.  If you mix kids with paint, cup fulls of water, and paper, bad things are bound to happen!!

Having said that, my kids LOVE to paint.  It’s one of their favorite things, so I’ve made a goal this summer to let them paint more.  As a show of good faith, I helped them create some 4th of July firework paintings this last week.  It was so fun, and they turned out so cool, that I didn’t even regret the bit of cleanup I had to do afterwards.

I’ve been encouraging my kids to think outside the box with their artwork, so this time we used something other than a paint brush to apply our paint.  For this project you will need a couple of plastic straws, paint, and a white sheet of paper.4th of July Fun Fireworks craft

Using a pair of scissors, even slice the end of a straw into equal thin lengths.  Once you have the straw sliced, push the pieces up to a 90 degree angle.  We used several straws all cut to different lengths so our stars/fireworks would be different sizes.

Then, just dip the new straw end into the paint, and stamp the paper.  After one color dries, you can add a new stamp on top of it in a different size or color to add variation.  The effect is very cool, and each painting is just a little bit different.4th of July Craft  Fireworks Painting 2

26 Responses

  1. Oh paint…..what a great and gross thing it is. I tell myself everyday that I will let them paint more and then….the mess. What a mess!
    This straw idea is great because its something different to do, I love it! Im doing it tomorrow.

  2. Great idea! I love it. I hate paint too so this fireworks craft idea is very appealing and it turned out looking great!

  3. This is such a great idea. The first two sentences made me laugh out so loudly. “I can’t stand paint. I know this makes me a terrible mom, but I really hate it.”
    This is sooo me…I am borderline OCD about certain things. But this totally makes it worth trying out.

    1. Those are true words from me, but I’m trying to be calm, and let them paint. They are super careful too, because they know it won’t take much for the paint to disappear. I probably need to just chill out about the paint. Oh well.

  4. I love your craft ideas that involves the little ones and help them develop their creativity and makes these moments special for all moms.

  5. What is it about kids and paint? I used to let my kids paint outside on the picnic table- then we just hosed it down. This is a cute craft!

  6. what a neat idea! You’re so creative. I totally hear ya on the paint! All messy activities, especially eating ice cream, is OUTSIDE!

  7. I laughed out loud when I read your first sentence—since you just commented on my shaving cream paint post yesterday–ha 😀 Knowing what I know, I’m so proud of you for painting with your kids 😉 I’m sure they loved it! And way to find a cool technique that worked for both of you. Gonna have to try with my kids.

  8. This is a really fun idea and it doesn’t look as messy as some of the paint projects I have seen. A cute way to create some 4th of July artwork for our house too! I love putting up canvas art that my daughter has created for the different holidays and this would be a great addition to the collection!

    1. I’m tempted to start letting them try canvas. I’m new to the whole art thing. It was not practiced at my house. We were ALL music. My hubby is quite the artist though, so hopefully he’ll rub off on them some.

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