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5 Senses

5 Senses Activities for Preschool

Get ready for a week of amazing science and discovery with these adorable 5 senses preschool activities.

This activity and worksheet pack will help you set up interactive and engaging centers during 5 senses week.

They are also great for your science centers throughout the year.

5 Senses Theme for Preschool

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5 Senses Preschool Activities

Pack your 5 senses week with crafts, tasting stations, listening booths, and so much more. This is a week that can convince any preschooler that science is a total blast.

5 Senses Preschool Art and Craft Activities

Start with a great 5 senses anchor chart and some adorable crafts. Use the anchor chart for circle time and do these crafts in your art center.

5 Senses Craft for Preschool - Sense of Taste

5 Senses Tongue Puppet Craft

This craft is engaging enough to get kids sticking their tongues in and out, but they do that while learning about how the tongue works.

5 Senses Craft - Sense of Sound Hat for Preschool

5 Senses Hat Craft

There is just something about preschool hat crafts that kids LOVE! This one shows off their new knowledge about their sense of hearing.

5 Senses Anchor Chart - Preschool 5 Senses Unit

5 Senses Anchor Chart

I love when anchor charts are informative and helpful, but also when they are easy to create. Just print and glue the pieces for this one.

Sense of Touch Craft for Preschool - 5 Senses

My Sense of Touch Chart

This craft works as a take home project or something to do together in the classroom. I like to engage my students in asking what types of things we might be able to use that fit the textures on the chart.

5 Senses Preschool Activities

Preschool 5 Senses Craft - 5 Senses Flip Book

5 Senses Preschool Flip Book

This is an AWESOME resource to have in your science center. Kids can flip through and learn about their 5 senses with the fun pictures.

5 Senses Sorting Game for Preschool

5 Senses Sorting Charts

This is another great option for either circle time or the science center. Kids get to practice sorting by sense.

5 Senses Theme for Preschool

Sense of Taste Activities

This might must be a preschooler’s favorite sense to study. Tasting stations are an absolute must sometime during your 5 senses theme, but the sorting activity is a great option for your centers as well.

Preschool 5 Senses Activity - Sense of Taste

5 Senses Tasting Station Activity

These 5 senses printables make it super easy to set up your preschool tasting station. Kids can even record their discoveries. Just add food.

Preschool 5 Senses Theme - Sense of Taste

Sense of Taste Activity

Here is a great non-food option for learning about the sense of taste. If you are not allowed to use food in lessons or just want a non-messy option for the science center, this is it.

Sense of Sound Activities

The sense of sound doesn’t always get as much love as the senses of taste and sight, but that might change with some of these fun activities.

Sense of Sound Activity for the 5 Senses Preschool Theme

5 Senses Listening Station

This activity is SO much fun and easy to set up. I use old playdough containers, but you can use what you have. Fill them with the items pictured and have the kids listen and try to guess what is in the bottle.

Sense of Sound Preschool Game

Sense of Sound Sorting

Get your preschoolers to do some critical thinking with this sorting activity. The goal is for them to decide what items make sounds and which are quiet.

Sense of Sight Activities

There are SO many fun ways to play with your sense of sight. I love scavenger hunts, color hunts, letter hunts, and more. Here are a few printable options you can easily use in the classroom.

Sense of Sight Sorting Game for Preschool

Sense of Sight Sorting Chart

Place this in your circle time area or science center for kids to work on independently. They can sort items that help our sense of sight.

I Spy - 5 Senses Sense of Sight Game

Sense of Sight Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt may not take you all over the school or classroom, but it’s a lot of fun to do at your table or desk.

Sense of Touch Activities

The sense of touch is a fun one to learn about because of how tactile it is. We LOVE doing a touch station and you can get some grip strength practice in with the other activity as well.

Sense of Touch Activity for Preschool - The 5 Senses

Sense of Touch Discovery Station

The key to making this station amazing is using containers that fit a hand but are hard to see into. I used empty tissue boxes but other boxes would work as well if you cut a hole just big enough for a hand.

Sense of Touch Activity for Preschool - 5 Senses

Sense of Touch Find and Clip Activity

In the previous activity, kids get to actually touch textures and record how they feel. In this activity, kids get to think critically and imagine what the texture of familiar items would be.

Sense of Smell Activities

Sense of smell activities can be fun but you may also have to be a bit careful to not overwhelm kids or cause headaches from strong odors. I like scratch and sniff stickers, popcorn, and just asking kids what food they like to smell most.

Sense of Smell Sorting Game for Preschool

Sense of Smell Sorting Chart

This is another great chart to hang in circle time or the science center to have kids work on sorting things that are easy to smell.

5 Senses Theme for Preschool

5 Senses Worksheets for Preschool

In addition to the hands-on 5 senses preschool activities above, we also created 15 fun worksheets for you. These worksheets back up what you’ve been learning all week and stack skills like tracing, scissor practice, sorting, and more.

5 Senses Worksheets

This first set of worksheets gives kids lots of scissor and glue practice. This is great for fine motor skills and complements the sense of touch and sight. They’re also great for critical thinking and sorting.

Preschool 5 Senses Worksheet
Preschool Sorting Worksheets - The 5 Senses, Smell and Sound
Preschool Sorting Worksheets - The 5 Senses, Touch and Sight
5 Senses Worksheets for Preschool
Preschool Sorting Worksheets - The 5 Senses, Sound and Taste

Sense of Taste Worksheets

Use these worksheets for 5 senses coloring pages, tracing work, and sorting by sense.

Preschool Coloring Page - The 5 Senses - Sense of Taste
Preschool 5 Senses Worksheet - Sense of Taste

Sense of Sound Worksheets

With 5 senses covered you can focus on one sense each day. Kids can take them home to show their families what they’ve learned each day or you can combine them at the end of the week to make a 5 senses book.

Preschool Coloring Page - Sense of Sound 5 Senses
Preschool 5 Senses Worksheet - Sense of Hearing

Sense of Sight Worksheets

These sense of sight worksheets continue with the theme of the week.

Sense of Sight Coloring Page for Preschool
Preschool 5 Senses Worksheet - Sense of Sight #5senses #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

Sense of Touch Worksheets

Of course, we don’t want to miss the sense of touch. Kids can include these in their end-of-week 5 senses diy preschool book too.

Sense of Touch Coloring Page for Preschool
Preschool 5 Senses Worksheet - Sense of Touch

Sense of Smell Worksheets

The last one of the week is the sense of smell. You don’t have to do the senses in any specific order of course. Just make sure you get them all in throughout the week.

Sense of Smell Coloring Page for Preschool
Preschool 5 Senses Worksheet - Sense of Smell

Grab your copy of these adorable 5 senses preschool activities and worksheets today. They’ll make your life easier as you plan and prep your best 5 senses preschool theme yet.

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