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Ice Tray Addition Activity for Kindergarten

Fun Ice Tray Addition Activity for KindergartenHave you been looking for a fun Addition Activity for Kindergarten age kids? We have a great one for you today using a simple ice tray. This awesome math activity is fine motor skills and math all wrapped together in one awesome game.

Children are often introduced to addition in kindergarten. They learn to add numbers under 10 together first. Then, they can start going up to larger, 2 digit numbers and beyond.

During those first few months of addition, kids may still be getting use to one-to-one correspondence, or attaching a number to each additional object. This addition activity supports that.

Ice Tray Addition Activity for Kindergarten.

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This activity is also very visual. Children count out each addend and can see the numbers set out in a row. They then count the two together to find their sum.

One of my favorite things about this activity is that it is so interactive. By using tongs to grasp and place each ball in the tray, kids are also working on fine motor skills. They also get to roll dice, which is always exciting at that age.

Here’s how we set up the activity.

Fun, interactive Addition Activity for Kindergarten

Addition Activity for Kindergarten


  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Pom Pom Balls
  • Tongs (These are basically the cutest thing ever!!)
  • Dice (In fabulous, fun colors of course.)
  • Optional: Paper and Pencil to Record their Answers

To Play:

Give the children an ice cube tray, a bowl or bag of pom pom balls, the tongs, and 2 dice. Have the kids roll the dice. They then use the tongs to fill the top row of the ice tray with the first number, and the bottom row of the ice tray with the second number.

Next they add the two numbers together. Have the record their addition sentence on a sheet of paper, and then start again.

Ice Tray Addition Activity for Kindergarten

To Make it Harder:

If your kids have mastered this level of addition, make it harder. Use two ice trays instead of one, and add a third dice. This helps children master 3 digit addition which is often taught in first grade.

Addition Arrays:

You can even use this as a second grade addition arrays activity. Set 3 ice cube trays next to each other. Roll 2 dice to get the numbers for your array. For example, if you roll 3 and 4, you will line up 3 rows of 4 to add together. This is a fantastic pre-multiplication exercise for kids.

Thank you for checking out our Ice Tray Addition Activity for Kindergarten. Before you head off to gather supplies and try it out, make sure you take a minute to share this idea with your friends. We appreciate every pin or comment and share on Facebook.

Happy Learning!

Ice Trays Addition Activity for Kids

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