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Addition Worksheets

If you need awesome Addition Worksheets and Centers for Kindergarten, you’ve come to the right place. I just finished the newest kindergarten math unit, and it is full of fun ways to practice adding and combining numbers.

Addition has always been a favorite concept of mine. I like to start addition story problems early on with my young kids, practicing them in the car, at home, or wherever we are. Addition is so relevant to them, and that makes it fun to help them learn it and recognize when they are using it in real life.

These Addition worksheets and Centers for kindergarten include lots of hands on ways to practice adding. They will also get to work on missing addends and even some story problems.

Here’s quick look at the centers in this new math unit:

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Addition Centers for Kindergarten

Baking Cookies Addition

Cookie Addition Activity for Kindergarten

Use a baking tray and magnet back cookies for a great, pretend play, addition activity. We used a dry erase marker to write the addition symbol right in the middle of the cookie sheet.

Rocket Ship Addition

Interactive Rocket Ship Addition Activity for Kids.

This Rocket Ship addition activity was a huge hit with my kids. It’s very hands on, and is perfect for counting out the addends and combining them to find a sum. Just add some yarn and a 1/2 section of drinking straw to the printables to make them work.

Bug Jar Addition

Bug Counting Addition Game for Kindergarten.

We LOVE bugs, and adding them together in a “jar” was a lot of fun. We got our bugs from a local dollar store, or you can find them here.

*Would you like to know where we get our manipulatives? We’ve included links throughout the post to show you where to get some of our favorite things. If you purchase them through our link, we may get a few pennies which helps us stock the supply closet.

Race Car Addition

Fun Addition Game for Kindergarten - Race Car Addition.

This was, by far, my kindergartner’s favorite addition center. Roll the dice, add the numbers, and move the cars to find a winner. Record the addition sentence of the winner on the recording sheet.

Monster Eyeball 10 Frame Addition

Monster Eyeballs Addition Game for Kindergarten.

Monsters are a favorite with my kids, and they loved these Monster Addition Cards. The plastic eyes made fantastic manipulatives for counting out and adding on 10 frames.

Robot Parts 10 Frame Addition

Robot Addition - Fun Kindergarten Math Game for kids.

I love the imagination and fine motor skills that come with this activity. Children are adding Robot Parts (nuts and washers) on a 10 frame, but then they get to screw them on a bolt and pretend they are building robots while they do their math. So fun!!

Addition Soup

Kindergarten Math Addition Activity for kids - Addition Soup.

If robots and race cars aren’t your thing, what about making some colorful soup? Children get to add the ingredients (buttons and pom poms) into a pot. We stirred ours, and then dumped it onto a serving plate before counting to find the sum.

Addition Pockets

Fun Addition Activity for Kindergarten Math.

This activity is great fine motor practice as well. Children enjoy sliding the craft sticks in and out of paper pockets, and this way they can make addition sentences while they do it.

Pizza Toppings Addition

Playdoh Pizza Addition Game for Kindergarten.

Break out the rolling pin, because we’re making Addition Pizza. We used red buttons for our pepperoni and pony beads for veggies. Get creative and have fun with it. Once you’ve counted the combined toppings on your pizza, write the sum right on the pizza addition “recipe” card.

Building Blocks Addition

Kindergarten Addition Activity for Kids - So fun!

This hands on activity allow the children to build individual addend towers, and then combine them to find the sum. We used our favorite Snap Cubes, but you could use other blocks as well.

Uno Cards Addition

Uno Addition Activity for Kids

This activity is so simple, and yet with the addition of Uno Cards, it becomes a game.

Roll & Circle Addition

Roll and Circle Addition Center for Kindergarten.

Dice and dots make this activity. Children roll the dice, and then circle or draw a highlighter through that many dots on their recording sheet. Count the dots to find the sum.


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Addition Worksheets

This fun kindergarten math unit also comes with 25, fun Addition Worksheets. These cover addition from a variety of angles including missing sums, missing addends, word problems, and addition sentences.

Here’s a look at some of the addition worksheets in this set.

Apple Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten. What is the sum 5 or 6 Apple Tree Addition Worksheet for Kindergarten.Cute Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten. Bug Friends Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten Bubble Gum Addition Worksheet for Kindergarten. Kindergarten Addition Worksheets - Math Units for Kindergarten. IIRain Storm Addition Worksheet for Kindergarten Penguin 10 Frame Addition Workshseets for Kindergarten. II Penguin Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten Math. IICute Firefly Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten - Fill in the missing Addend. II Fill in the missing Number Addition Worksheet for Kindergarten. Sweet Treats Addition Word Problems for Kindergarten. Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Race Car Addition II Kindergarten Addition Worksheets - School Time Math Activities.

Thank you for taking the time to preview this amazing set of Kindergarten Addition Worksheets and Centers. If they would be helpful to you and the little friends you teach, you can purchase and download the entire set by clicking the image below.

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