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DIY Alphabet Books

DIY Alphabet Books for Preschool or Kindergarten

One of my earliest memories from kindergarten was making alphabet books. We were all paired with kids from an older grade, and I just happened to be paired with my big brother. That book was one of my special treasures.

These alphabet books are great fun to look and and flip through, but they also include a lot of writing practice paired with beginning sounds. Each page works as a stand alone worksheet which you can save in a folder, and then put together when the entire alphabet is complete.

DIY Alphabet Books for preschool and Kindergarten.

Alphabet Books

Each page of these alphabet books features one letter. Children trace and re-trace both the capital and lowercase versions of that letter for lots of great writing practice. They also get to trace one sentence featuring the letter and a word that begins with that sound.

Create your own Alphabet Books Activity for kids.

Then, the children can color four pictures at the bottom of the page. Two of those pictures begin with the featured letter. The other two do not. The children must listen and figure out which pictures fit on the page.

They can cut out those pictures and paste them into the open boxes on the page.

Build your own Alphabet Books for Preschool or Kindergarten.

They can also cut out around the lines to complete each page. Once all of the letters of the alphabet are complete, the children can cut out and color the cover of their alphabet books.

Pipe Cleaner Rings for DIY Alphabet Books for Kids.

Next, a teacher or parent helper will need to use a 3-hole punch to punch two holes into the left edge of the pages. Make sure all of the pages are in order and the holes are aligned.

Then, take a pipe cleaner, and cut it in two. Take half of the pipe cleaner and loop it through the top hole. Twist the edges of the pipe cleaner together to keep it from unraveling, and flatten the edges. Repeat with the other half of the pipe cleaner for the bottom hole.

Cute Alphabet Letter Book for Preschool

Your alphabet books are now complete! The children can turn and flip through the pages to see all of their hard work. They can carry the book home to show parents and grandparents as well.

Alphabet Books for Preschool

Isn’t that fun?! We’d love to let you try out one of the worksheets for free. Click on the letter a worksheet below to get the printable version.

Alphabet Books – FREE Letter A Worksheet

Free Letter A Worksheet

If you love this idea as much as we do and want to use it in your classroom, click on the image below. It will take you to our store where you can buy, download and print the entire Alphabet Books set. Just add pipe cleaners, and you’re ready to go.

Alphabet Book for Preschool and Kindergarten

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  1. Hi

    I am using your alphabet book with some preschool kids, I think it’s great thank you.
    I just have one real question which I can’t fathom…what are the pictures in letter E. Obviously e for elf and elephant, what’s the other one?


  2. I’m enjoying all materials. The only thing I’m having a bit of problem with my granddaughter to write. She doesn’t like the trace her name or any other materials. Help any suggestions.

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