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The Cat in the Hat Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Cat in the Hat Toilet Paper Roll CraftIt’s Dr. Seuss week, and we have an super cool Cat in the Hat Toilet Paper Roll Craft to share with you today. Two of our favorite characters from The Cat in the Hat are Thing 1 and Thing 2. In this craft, the kids get to each make their own set of the two little Things to take home with them.

I have to admit, my favorite things about this craft is the hair. Isn’t it awesome! It’s so fun to play with too. My kids LOVED it!

There may or may not be a secret drawer, in my house, stocked with empty toilet paper rolls. That is where we made our first stop. We used one TP roll for each thing.

Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss Craft - Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Next we hit the colored paper bin to get red and blue paper. You could paint the TP rolls red if you prefer, but it was fast and easy to wrap them in red paper.

We cut red strips of paper to cover the toilet paper rolls. A simple piece of tape held the paper in place.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Toilet Paper Roll Craft.

Then we took strips of the blue paper, and cut slits all across the edge, leaving about an inch un-cut at the bottom. We then attached the uncut part to the top of the red covered toilet paper roll. The cut pieces became awesome Thing hair.

The kids had the best time folding and bending the hair to give it some shape.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Finally, our Thing 1 and Thing Two needed a face and their tummy badges from the Cat in the Hat book. I drew these out on a sheet of white paper. We cut them out and glued them in place.

Cat in the Hat Craft - Thing 1 and Thing 2 toilet paper rolls.

There you have it, the cutest little Thing 1 and Thing 2 a kid could hope for. I love this Cat in the Hat toilet paper roll craft for Dr. Seuss week in kindergarten or preschool. They are fun to make, fun to play with, and a great take home craft.

We hope you enjoyed it too! Tell us how you celebrate Dr. Seuss week in a comment below, and,

Happy Reading!!

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Oreo Strawberries and Cream Cat in the Hat Activity and Snack March 2nd is one of the most magical days of the entire year. It’s the day when Sam I Am tries Green Eggs and Ham, when Horton the Elephant hears a Who, and when The Sneetches get stars upon thars. That’s right, March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s Birthday and Read Across America Day. It is also the day when one of the most beloved characters of all time, The Cat in the Hat, comes out to play. March 2nd is right around the corner, so there is no better time to share our Oreo Strawberries and Cream Cat in the Hat Activity and Snack with you! You will only need 3 things for this Oreo Strawberries and Cream Cat in the Hat Activity and Snack… Oreos (Double Stuffed work best) Strawberries (The bigger the better) Whipped Cream (In the aerosol can) I started by having my kids twist apart the Oreo. This works really well with Double Stuffed Oreos because the cream is thick enough it doesn’t get stuck on both sides. My kids immediately ate the side with no cream, and placed the cream side on a plate. While they were working on their Oreos, I cut the strawberries into 4 round slices. If your strawberries are small you might want to only cut 3. The biggest strawberry slice, we set on top of the cream filled Oreo. I then helped my younger kids spray a little bit of Whipped Cream on top of the strawberry. We found that the extra creamy kind works best. Because Whipped Cream melts so fast, having the extra thickness really helped the Oreo Strawberries and Cream Cat in the Hat Snack last just a bit longer. They continued spraying a bit of cream, and then placing a slice of strawberry on top until all 4 pieces were done. The pointed end of the strawberry was last, creating the top of the hat. The Oreo Strawberries and Cream Cat in the Hats didn’t last long. As the cream began to melt, the strawberries would start to slide off and the hat toppled over. But it didn’t matter, because my kids were eating them just as fast as they could make them. They each made 3 or 4 and begged for more. I cut them off at that point, saying they would ruin their dinner, but secretly wanting the rest for myself. They are SO good! Strawberries and Cream is such a classic combination, but adding the Chocolatey Oreo was a home run! Dr. Seuss is known for his whimsical ways, and this Oreo Strawberries and Cream Cat in the Hat Activity and Snack displays exactly that… Whimsical Fun. No matter how hard I tried, and how carefully I placed the strawberries on top of the cream, I could not get the hat to be straight. And I kind of LOVE that! Dr. Seuss wanted kids to understand that using our imaginations doesn’t always have to be pretty, and it doesn’t always have to make sense. But it is ALWAYS fun. If you wanted to create these Oreo Strawberries and Cream Cat in the Hats for a birthday party or a baby shower, you might consider using a cream frosting. The Strawberries will stick much better and the cute little hats will hold their shape for much longer. We hope you love these Oreo Strawberries and Cream Cat in the Hats! And we hope they bring a little bit of Dr. Seuss magic to your Read Across America Day! And don’t forget to read “The Cat and the Hat” either before or after you make these tasty treats! CLASSROOM CONNECTION: This would be such a fun activity to do for your classroom Dr. Seuss Day party. I think a station with 5-6 kids would work best, and you would probably need 2-3 cans of Whipping Cream to keep the kids moving quickly enough before the cream begins to melt. Also, don’t forget to keep your Cream refrigerated until the last minute. The colder the cream is, the better it will work to assemble the hats!


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