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Cool Math Activity for Kids

Cup Equations Math Activity for Kids

Math is one of those things that requires a lot of repetition, and today I am sharing a new, cool math activity for kids. The best way I’ve found to take the monotony out of math, is to use a variety of activities. It keeps it new, interesting, and fun.

Math activities don’t have to be complicated. They can also be inexpensive and easy to put together as well. Simple and easy are the best kind in my opinion.

What matters is that they are helping children repeat and review math facts and skills that they need to be successful.

Prepping your Math Activity:

This cool math activity for kids is very simple, but a lot of fun. It only takes a minute or two to put together, and can be used for a variety of math skills. Here’s how to make it:

  1. You’ll need to gather a few Styrofoam cups with a lip. You’ll also need a Sharpie or other marker to write with. Colored Sharpies could be a lot of fun.
  2. Write the numbers 0-5 around the rim/lip of 2 cups and 0-10 on another.
  3. Write an addition and subtraction symbol on the edge of 1 cup, and an equals sign on another.
  4. Stack the cups. First, a 0-5 cup. Second, addition or subtraction symbols cup. Third, the other 0-5 cup. Fourth, the equals sign cup. Finally, the 0-10 cup.
  5. Spin the different cups to make true equations.
Cup Equations Spinner Math Activity for Kids

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That’s the most simple version for beginning math. If you want to get more complicated for older grades, make these few changes.

  1. Write the numbers 0-9 on all of the numbered cups.
  2. Stack 2 number cups, addition or subtraction cup, 2 number cups, equals sign cup, and then 3 number cups. Mix it up however you need to to get the correct level for your kids and students.

You can also use this to practice multiplication and division. Make the adjustments to the cups to give yourself the correct answer combinations.

Math can be so fun and interactive. I hope you enjoyed this cool math activity for kids. Let us know how you use it in a comment below, or visit us on YouTube or Facebook.

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  1. It’s really so imaginative, creative and fantastic. Thanks a lot for your shares.
    best regards,

  2. thank you it is so nice and it helped me to make my chide understanding the math

  3. isn’t there a video for fractions? I thought I saw something similar for other math this idea will be doing this for my son

  4. I found the “Cup”math project just in time to help a struggling and very frustrated student! Thank you for sharing and helping me create a fun to learn take home project!

  5. Thank you for sharing! I will use this idea in Summer school and then during the regular school year.

  6. Hi, I’m brazilian girl
    The math is so boring here, but i like this and I will try to use with my nephew. I think he will like so much. Thanks for your idea, kiss and hugs! 😉

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful. Doing a bit of math over the summer holiday is such a great idea. I will really help them keep their skills until they go back to school.

  7. I really like this idea, I’m going to use it with my new mixed ability class after the summer holidays. Looks fun & very low cost too. Thanks so much for sharing too

  8. Awsome idea,make learning easy is my goal to.
    Mother of little one and planing to do such activities in upcoming months inshahAllah.

  9. I need 2rd and 3rd grade math, reading, etc. worksheets, art activities , fun games, posters, lesson plans and anything you have found to make learning fun. I have taught inclusion sped for the past 12 years. This year I’m a general ed. teacher so I don’t have lesson plans or anything. Thanks for any help you can send to my email. Thanks

    1. I’ve never tried, but you might be able to. Part of the reason the Styrofoam works well is because of the “edge” on the top of the cup.

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