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Counting Mats for Preschool

Preschool Counting Mats for Fall - So fun!

Do you need fun fall counting mats for preschool or kindergarten?

This Set is PACKED with lots of fall counting fun. Kids will get to work on

  • Counting
  • One-to-One Correspondence
  • Comparing Numbers

These easy prep counting mats are great for pretend play and fine motor skills as well as counting.

Fall Counting Mats for Preschool or Kinder

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Fall Counting Mats for Preschool - Apple Pie Dramatic Play

Apple Pie Counting

Use the counting cards to add the correct number of ingredients to your pie. Mix it in a pie tin or on the pie printable.

Preschool Math Mats - Count and Compare.

Fall Leaf and Acorn Counting

Which are there more of? Kids can count, line up, and compare the number of nuts vs. leaves.

Preschool Math Mats - Count and Compare Apples

Count and Compare Apples

Line up the apples. Count and sort by color to compare which one there are more of.

Preschool Counting Mats for Fall

Fall Tree Counting

I love that you can do this activity with just the printable, or make it sensory by filling in the tree with playdough. Then count to add your sticks, nuts, and leaves.

Fall Preschool Counting Mats - Witch's Brew

Witch’s Brew Counting

Mix up your very own potion with this fun counting activity. Use and actual cauldron and a stirring spoon to increase the pretend play and make it even more fun.

Preschool Counting Mats for Fall - Comparing Numbers Leaves

Count and Compare Leaves

For this activity you can sort leaves by color or just compare by number.

It might be fun to go on an outdoor adventure to find some of your own leaves for this one.

Fall Preschool Counting Mats - Haunted House

Haunted House Counting

We LOVED making these little cotton ball ghosts for our counting mats, but you could easily use mini erasers or foam ghost stickers.

Preschool Counting Mats - Count and Compare Numbers

Count and Compare Pumpkins

This pumpkin patch counting activity is a huge hit. The kids LOVE to line up and count their pumpkins. You can use candy pumpkins or foam sticker pumpkins or even orange pom poms.

Fall Counting Mats for Preschool or Kinder

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