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Cute Turkey Craft w/ FREE Printable Template

Make a Turkey Craft Printable


The kids and I wanted to work on a project together this evening, and because it is November, we decided to make turkeys. Most of the turkey crafts we could find online used hand prints for feathers, which are totally cute, but we wanted something a little bit different. I started by just free cutting with construction paper, and came out with some fun shapes for a turkey in bright colors. However, my children really wanted a pattern to follow, so between breaks to stir our dinner soup, I drew up a quick template.

It’s nothing fancy, but it was great fun. The kids rushed down to the printer to pull off their copies, and before long, paper scraps were flying everywhere. They colored their feather layers, found the last glue stick, and dug through the treasure box of googly eyes. In the end, our refrigerator was covered with bright, colorful birds, and my kids went to bed with happy smiles.

Build A Turkey Craft Free Printable Template

These templates could be printed on construction paper or on white paper and colored. We also had some turkeys with double each layer of feathers for fullness, but I was just as happy with one of each layer. The template has eyes printed on the turkeys, but if you have googly eyes, they can be glued right over the top. The beak can be a flat triangle, or if you would prefer an opening mouth, just cut the triangle on a fold. My kids loved the open beak.

Here are the completed turkeys from my 3, 6 and 9-year-olds. They each came out a bit different, but that is the fun of crafting with kids, I suppose.

Turkey Craft


Enjoy the free template or free cut a turkey of your own, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Download the FREE template Here.


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    1. My kids had a ball making these. Seriously, they wouldn’t stop!! They ended up making mommy turkeys, baby turkeys, and even pets for their turkey families. It got a little out of control. 🙂

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