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DIY Emoji Valentines for Kids

DIY Emoji Valentines for kidsThe emoji craze hit my house hard, and we couldn’t wait to make these DIY Emoji Valentines for kids. I often encourage my kids to make their own valentines cards. I love how personal it is, and it gives them a good project to work on during cold, winter months.

During our brainstorming session this year, the girls decided to make emoji valentines. They picked their two favorite love themed emojis, and we set about figuring out how to create them.

DIY Emoji Valentines craft for kids.

Start out with a stack of construction paper. Have a good pair of scissors handy too, because you’re going to need them. We used yellow, red, and black paper.

Step one for this project is the yellow emoji background. Considering the holiday, we thought it would be appropriate to shape them as a heart rather than the traditional circle. The best way to get the most out of your paper is to fold both sides of the yellow sheet into the center. Then cut out half hearts along the fold all the way up the side of the paper. We got four hearts per side, or 8 hearts per sheet.

Easy DIY Emoji Valentines craft for kids.

The small hearts are a bit more tedious to cut out, but if you fold strips of paper and trace the half hearts, it’s a great project for the kids to work on. We didn’t follow a specific pattern for the mouths, but we again cut on a fold to keep both sides even.

DIY Emoji Valentines for kids to make.

Once you have all of the bits and pieces, it’s a simple matter of assembly. Our glue stick got some good use as my 7-year-old put together 28 valentines for her classmates. The placement doesn’t have to be exact to work, and she was excited that I let her do it by herself. I did draw the eyes, eyebrows, and lips on the winking emoji with a black sharpie.

Simple DIY Emoji Valentines for Kids

Now that our DIY Emoji Valentines for kids are complete, my little girl gets to address them and attach a small treat to the back. She can hardly wait for her party.

Happy Valentine’s Day Prepping!

DIY Emoji Valentines for kids.

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