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Dramatic Play Bees

Dramatic Play Centers for Preschool - Honey Bees Theme #preschool #dramaticplay #dramaticplaycenter #preschoolideas #planningplaytime

Did you know that one of best ways for preschool age children to learn is naturally through dramatic play? This preschool dramatic play centers pack is packed full of amazing science, math and literacy, fine motor, and other important preschool skills all through the magic of play.

This printable pack come with the signs, labels, book pages, and other helpful printables to set up your store. I also included pages for each center in the pack to offer suggestions of play-to-learn ideas.

Would you like to see it? I can’t wait to show you. Here they are.

Dramatic Play Centers – Bees

Honey Bee Information Center

Bee Dramatic Play for Preschool #preschool #dramaticplay #dramaticplaycenter #preschoolideas #planningplaytime

This book includes two informational books about bees, How to Make Honey and How to Harvest Honey. These short books give 5-6 simple steps in the honey process. My kids used their Easter Egg bees to buzz through the book while we read.

The Honey Bee Information Center - Dramatic Play for Preschool #preschool #dramaticplay #dramaticplaycenter #preschoolideas #planningplaytime

Honey Bee Life Cycle

Life Cycle of a Bee - Dramatic Play Centers for Preschool #preschool #dramaticplay #dramaticplaycenter #preschoolideas #planningplaytime

This is the interactive Honey Bee Life Cycle board. Children can switch the pieces around and use the arrow to show what steps happen next.

Pollination Station

Pollinating Flowers Color Patterns - Honey Bee Dramatic Play Centers for Preschool #preschool #dramaticplay #dramaticplaycenter #preschoolideas #planningplaytime

The Pollination Station is, by far, our favorite center in the Bees Dramatic Play unit. Children can follow the color patterns of their flower books and pollinate along the way. These books come in real flower pictures and clip art flowers.

Honey Bee Factory

Put Nectar In the Honeycomb - Preschool Dramatic Play Centers for a Bee Theme #preschool #dramaticplay #dramaticplaycenter #preschoolideas #planningplaytime

Once the children have finished pollinating the flowers, then can bring the nectar they collected here, to the honey bee factory. Place the nectar, which you can make out of giant yellow pom poms or balls of yellow paper, into the honeycomb where the bees will work to turn it into honey.

Honey Bee Store

Honey Bee Dramatic Play Center for Preschool - Honey Shop. #preschool #dramaticplay #dramaticplaycenter #preschoolideas #planningplaytime

Honey Bee Dramatic Play Center for Preschool #preschool #dramaticplay #dramaticplaycenter #preschoolideas #planningplaytime

The honey is now complete. Harvest it and sell in the Honey Shop. Children can order small, medium or large jars of honey. This set comes with a price list and order from as well as store signs.

Honey Bee Counting

Honey Bee Counting Game - Preschool Dramatic Play Set #preschool #dramaticplay #dramaticplaycenter #preschoolideas #planningplaytime

Get a little counting practice in while you play with the bees. This is a simple toilet paper roll bee with black yarn taped to the back. Use the number cards to know how many times to wrap the yarn around the bee. *Hint: You can count the stripes on the bee card if you don’t know your numerals yet.

Make A Bee Shapes Activity

Build a Bee with Shapes Preschool Dramatic Play Activity #preschool #dramaticplay #dramaticplaycenter #preschoolideas #planningplaytime

Children can also learn about the anatomy of a bee. I’ve included a chart with the basic bee structure including and abdomen, thorax, head, legs, wings and eyes. Children can then practice the parts of a bee by building their own with a variety of shapes.

Build a Honeycomb Activity

Build a Honeycomb with Shapes - Preschool Dramatic Play Activity #preschool #dramaticplay #dramaticplaycenter #preschoolideas #planningplaytime

Bees are epic builders in their hives, and children can build like a bee too. Use hexagons to design your own honeycomb shape.

Honey Bee Art Center

Honey Bee Art

In the Honey Bee Art Center, children can practice drawing honey bees, flowers and other bee things. Crayons, paint and dry erase markers are all great options for this.

Honey Bee Words

This set also comes with word strips for bee related words. Words include the basics like honey and hive and go as far as worker bee and drone. Pictures are included with all of the strips so children can see what they are writing about.

Honey Bee Dramatic Play Centers for Preschool. So fun! #preschool #dramaticplay #dramaticplaycenter #preschoolideas #planningplaytime

Would you like to use the Bees Dramatic Play Centers in your classroom? You can get them by clicking on the image below. Share your pics with us when you get it all set up. Use #planningplaytime or share them in our Preschool Teacher Group on Facebook. Can’t wait!!

Amy N.

Preschool Dramatic Play Centers - Honey Bees

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  1. i’m from vietnam; i want to buy the Bees Dramatic Play Centers , i dont know if you have a version pdf .

    1. Yes! In our Play to Learn club you will have access to everything in our library when you are an active member. 🙂

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