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Fall Pumpkin Alphabet Letter Find

Fall Pumpkin Letter Find - Upper and lowercase by PlanningPlaytimeSeasonal activities are one of my favorite ways to keep my kids excited about learning.  A worksheet by itself may be boring, but put Santa on there and it has transformed into something magical and exciting.

With fall knocking at our doorstep, I decided to create a pumpkin themed letter activity for my preschool age son.  He is at a stage in his life where he points out every pumpkin he sees, exclaiming excitedly about every one.  I took my inspiration from that, and made him a pumpkin alphabet letter find.

This activity has two parts:

  1. Letter recognition – Upper and Lowercase &
  2. Counting.

Each sheet has a focus letter displayed in large format in the center of the pumpkin.  Then hidden among the rest of the letters are small copies of that letter.  The children search and find both the upper and lowercase letters and circle them.  After they have circled all of the matching letters, they count how many of each they found.  There is a box for them to record how many lowercase letters and how many uppercase.  After they have completed the page, they can also color the pumpkin.

Free Printable Sample Worksheet (Click and Print.)Fall Pumpkin Alphabet Letter Find - Upper and lowercase by PlanningPlaytime

 I printed out a sample of this worksheet during creation, and my preschooler and 1st grader nearly came to blows over it.  It was a HOT item.  There were tears, a bit of yelling, and it took me a minute to calm them down enough to explain that I could just print another one.  How often do you have to say, “Don’t fight over the worksheets kids.  There’s enough for everyone.”  I’m okay with that. You can now download the packet with all 26 letters and the instructions.  Find them at my TeachersPayTeachers store now.

This letter find now comes in additional fun themes. Check them out.

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Letter Find Apple Theme

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Fall Letter Find - Thanksgiving Turkey.

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  1. Good Morning,
    I recently saw a post on Facebook andI was wondering if I may have a copy….. it was a “dot” page for math ….. using dice …circling a group of dots that match the dice…..

    thank you

    1. That’s a fun one. It’s not my activity, but we loved it and wanted to share. You can check the video to see if the creator has a printable for it.

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