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Free Alphabet Printables

Would you love to try some of the cutest Free Alphabet Printables out there? We’re letting you try out some of our all-time favorites for free.

These hands-on learning games are great for teaching letter recognition to preschool and kindergarten kids. We know kids learn best when they are learning through play, and that is our goal with these fun Alphabet games.

Are you ready to get started? Here’s Alphabet Game #1.

Alphabet Soup Sensory Bin

Free Alphabet Printables - Alphabet Soup Letter Activity #freeprintables #preschoolprintables #sensorybin #alphabetactivities #preschoolactivities #planningplaytime

This fun alphabet game rocked the internet with millions of video views. We stirred our letters into a bin of water, and let the kids scoop them out, one at a time.

The free alphabet printable for this game is a letter sheet. We slid ours into a plastic paper protector to keep the water out. Then the kids could place their fished out letters onto the matching spot on their sheet. So FUN!! Wish you knew where we got the letters? We’ve included an easy link for you.

Bear’s Alphabet Find Game

We LOVE this Search and Find Alphabet game with Bear. You can use it in a sensory bin or for centers.

Here are a couple of ways to play:

  1. Pick letters from a basket. Set a counting bear on each letter as you find it.
  2. Pick letters from a sensory bin. Place them over the matching letter.
  3. Pick letters from a bin or basket. Trace the letters.
  4. Add a bit of math fun. Pick a letter from a bin or basket. Place a snap cube or block on that letter. When you pick another of the same letter, stack them. Count and compare at the end to see which letter you found the most of.

Are you excited to try it? We’re giving it to you for free.

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Alphabet Matching Cups

Free Alphabet Printables - Alphabet Cups #freeprintables #preschoolprintables #alphabetactivities #preschoolactivities #planningplaytime

Matching upper and lowercase letters is and early alphabet recognition skill. For this game, kids will get to match capital letter cups to lowercase letter circles.

The cups are simple to make. Just flip them upside down and write the correct letters on the bottoms witha  Sharpie marker. The circle sheets are a FREE Printable we’ll send right to your email.

Easter Alphabet Sensory Bin

Preschool Letters Activity - Easter Sensory Bin #easter #preschool #sensorybin #waterbin #preschoolplay #alphabetactivities

My preschooler at home went CRAZY for this one. The story telling and pretend play that went along with the sensory and letters skills was AMAZING!!

Do you know what I loved the most? She prepped the bin herself. I let her put all of the letters in the eggs and then fish them out. #win

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Looking for the letters we used? Here’s where we got them.
A number of you asked where we got our letters. We are including this easy link for your convenience. We may get a small kickback if you buy through our link, at no extra cost to you.

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    Alphabet Cookies

    Free Alphabet Printables - Letter Cookies #freeworksheets #freeprintables #freepreschoolprintables #alphabetgames #preschoolactivities #letteractivities #planningplaytime

    This game was created by 4-year-olds for 4-year-olds. Playdough is my preschoolers go to play-based learning toy right now, and this morning they pulled out the alphabet stamps to go with their dough.

    Alphabet cookies were invented as they cut their dough into circles, and then stamped letters into them. They had the BEST time. I pulled out a cookie sheet, and they pretended to put them in the oven, pushing the buttons to set the time, “Beep, boop, boop, beep.”

    For some fantastic, organic letter learning, try out this fun, Free Alphabet Printable with a cookie sheet included. Laminate it and let the kids match their cookies to the correct spot on the cookie sheet.

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    1. Thank you Amy for all the great ideas!!
      I was wondering if you have the template for the upper case letters to be used with the cups.
      Thank you!

    2. Some really motivating activities. I can’t wait to share them with the children.
      Thank you.

    3. My son is 14 years old, severely autistic, limited communication, but he loves to say his alphabets. He will be so excited to receive this, and I will too. Can’t wait!!
      Thank you..

      1. Hi Berti,

        I’m so thrilled that I could be helpful. I hope he has a wonderful time, and thank you so much for taking a minute to share. It made my day.


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