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Free Preschool Worksheets

Are you looking for fun FREE Preschool Worksheets and printables? Check out this amazing collection of awesome preschool activities. Work on Counting, Letters, Colors, Fine Motor Skills and more.

FREE Preschool Worksheets

Qtip Shape Painting Activity

Get some awesome fine motor skills and art with this SHAPES activity. We used qtips to paint the dots. What other things could you use?

Get this fun SHAPES and FINE MOTOR freebie.


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Watermelon Numbers and Counting

Get some number formation and counting practice in at the same time.

Use buttons, seeds, pom poms, or playdough to count out the correct number of seeds on each card. Grab the freebie here.

Preschool Color Patterns – Bears

Counting bears are such a fun way to practice patterns.

Get these FREE Counting Bear Pattern Cards here.

color bears on color pattern cards

Sunshine Counting Puzzles

FREE Preschool Worksheets for a Weather Theme - Math Puzzles #freeprintables #freepreschoolworksheets #preschoolworksheets #weathertheme #planningplaytime

This cute new free preschool printable is a set of adorable Sunshine Counting Puzzles. These puzzles are great for counting from 1-10 as well as subitizing practice. You can include yellow and white snap cubes for the kids to build sun ray towers to represent the number show by the dots.

If you like this, you will LOVE the Preschool Weather Unit. Check out the 80+ pages of fun Weather Activities and Weather worksheets.

Ziploc Learning Box

FREE Preschool Printables - Turn a Ziploc box into a fun learning game. #preschoolprintables #preschoolworksheets #preschoolgames #freeprintables #planningplaytime #colorsorting #finemotor

This FREE Preschool Worksheet turns a simple empty Ziploc box into an awesome learning tool. You can turn it into a fine motor skills color sorter or into an epic addition machine. Either way, the learning is so fun, it feels a lot like play…

Because it is. 🙂

Color Sorting Rainbow

FREE Preschool Printables - Rainbow Craft #planningplaytime #preschoolprintables #freeworksheets #freepreschoolworksheets #rainbowcrafts #colorsorting

Rainbows are such a great way to practice preschool color skills. What we love MOST about this activity is that it combines all that color sorting goodness with excellent fine motor skills practice. Kids use their fingers to direct the beads onto their pipe cleaners. You could also use strings or shoe laces.

Get the Free Preschool Rainbow Printable here.

More AMAZING Rainbow Activities

More Free Preschool Worksheets and Printables Coming Soon!!

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  1. Thank you for helping to make our job of “beginning Home schooling” SO much easier! These little guys really get excited about the bright colors and the simple way you have formatted their “learning process!” Please add me to your mailing list for all future information and downloads.

    Cyndii Spahl

  2. Hi, I love all your worksheets and your the ZipLoc learning box they really help me as I work with a Special Needs Child who will certainly benefit from them.

    Thanks once again. 🙂

  3. Work with 3-5 year olds and looks like thing will be very different this year for me this is my 7 year with the children

  4. I love your playtime learning for preschoolers. My grandchildren love working with them. I look forward to new printables soon. I do check every day

  5. These are awesome activities, thank you for sharing them. Can’t wait to share them to the children

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