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Kindergarten Counting Activity

Kindergarten Counting Activity with Dominoes. So fun!Do you need a fun Kindergarten Counting Activity to use with your kids? We discovered such a fun one this week using dominoes and Uno Cards. It combines counting, subitizing, and possibly even a little bit of addition.

Simple activities are our favorites. We love to use activities that can be put together in just minutes with fun things that are already lying around the house or classroom. Manipulatives or cards that can be used for a variety of activities have a special place in our hearts. No joke. Those things are awesome!

Cute Kindergarten Counting Activity using Dominoes and Uno Cards

These Color Dot Dominoes are one of our new favorite things. They are all the fun counting and math exercise of normal dominoes with a fun pop of bright color. Kids love things in color. It adds interest and visual appeal to whatever you are doing.

Fun Kindergarten Counting Activity with Dominoes and Uno Cards

Uno cards are also a staple in our learning cupboard. They are great for learning numbers colors, and other fun concepts. They can be used in so many ways, and hey, they’re also great for playing Uno.

Kindergarten Counting Activity

Kindergarten Counting Activity with Dominoes. So fun!

  1. Pull out numbers 0-9 out of an Uno deck. You could also use Phase 10 or Rook cards if you want to go past the number ten.
  2. Lay the cards face up in a grid.
  3. Pull out your colored dominoes. Then have the children count the dots on each domino and place it on a card with the matching number.
  4. Turn it into an addition activity – Combine dominoes to make the correct number. If your cards don’t go high enough, make your own. You can also simply write the higher numbers on a sheet of paper.

Fun Dominoes Math Counting Activity for Kindergarten

This Kindergarten Counting Activity is perfect for math centers. Children can easily set this up and play it on their own. It would also be a great activity to do at home for some extra math practice.

Do you love this fun Kindergarten Counting Activity idea? Pin it to remember and share with your friends. We hope you get a chance to try it soon.

Happy Counting!

8 Responses

  1. My daughter just happened to have her dominoes already out today when I saw this on my Facebook feed. We noticed that the 6-dot dominoes are just like dice, do after she sorted all her dominoes (from 2-12) I had her roll 2 dice to match up to the dominoes and remove one each time they matched up.

  2. A wonderful activity for indoors when you can’t go outside or even on the road. My idea is using this to do multiplication and subtraction along with addition.

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