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Kindergarten Writing

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Kindergarten Writing Centers, Prompts and Worksheets

Are you searching for fun Kindergarten Writing Centers or Writer’s Workshop ideas? This new series of Kindergarten Writing units is for you.

This first unit in our Kindergarten Writing Units series is all about learning to draw a story. It encourages children to add details to their story pictures as well as starting to label words in their stories.

It also helps them write their opinion about their favorite books and draw “How to” informational type picture stories.

Here’s quick look at this new kindergarten writing unit one.


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Kindergarten Writing Centers – Unit 1

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Postcards Name Writing

Kindergarten Writing Centers - Postcards to write a sentence or story.

These fun My First Postcards are a fun way to differentiate with kindergarten writers at the beginning of the year. Your lowest writers can start with writing their name and maybe a friend or family member they want to “send” their postcard to.

If you have a cute little mailbox they could put them in and put up a flag, that would be even more fun.

Postcards Pictures or Sentence Writing

Kindergarten Writing Centers - Postcards 

For your writers who are ready for something a bit higher, they can write their name on the front, and then write letters they know on the back. If they are ready they can draw a picture story or practice writing a sentence.

Roll-A-Prompt – Draw a Story 


Kindergarten Math Centers - Writing Prompts and Worksheets for Kindergarten

This kindergarten writing center is a fun idea for kids that are having trouble coming up with ideas of what to draw stories about. They get to roll a character, setting and an object to write about.

The center comes with a blank draw-a-story page. It also comes with an editing checklist for kids to check and improve their work.

Adding Details Cards

Kindergarten Writing Worksheets - Writing Prompts and Writing Centers for Kindergarten

One of our early writing goals for kids is to get them to add details to their story. For this first writing unit, that means we want them to add details to their drawings.

These Adding Detail cards cover things in the outdoors and indoors. It encourages kids to add at least one more detail to their story drawings. This prepares them for when we want them to add more details to their sentences later on.


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Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

Here’s a look at some of the informative, narrative and opinion draw-a-story pre-writing prompts for kindergarten.

Roll a Prompt Writing Center for Kindergarten Kindergarten Writing Prompts - Opinion - What I Think of This Book Version Opinion Writing for Kindergarten - My Favorite Book Kindergarten Writing Unit 1 Editing Checklist Kindergarten Writing Prompts: How to - Make a Pie Informational Writing Prompts for Kindergarten: How to - Catch a Fish Narrative Writing for Kindergarten: Drawing a Story - Person and Animal Kindergarten Writing Worksheets - Drawing a Story - Monkey and Cake Writing Workshop for Kindergarten: Drawing a Story - Elephant and Ball Kindergarten Writing Prompts: Drawing a Story - Dragon and Castle

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Kindergarten Writing – The Year Bundle


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