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Letter F Craft

F is for Fries

It is time for another letter craft! This next alphabet craft may make you hungry, but hopefully you can complete it before you have to run out and get yourself some french fries. Better yet, just get some french fries ready so that you can throw an “F is for Fries” party for the kids.

This F is for Fries craft is certainly a fun and possibly tasty way to work on letter recognition. A party for this Letter F craft could be super simple. All you would need is two tables. One table would be set up with all the craft supplies laid out and ready to go.  The other table could be set up with a fry buffet.  The fry buffet could consist of a couple of different kind of french fries as well as a lot of fun sauces to dip them in. After a party like that, I can almost guarantee that every time the kids see a french fry they will think of the letter F.

The party idea is only a suggestion. This Letter F Craft, like all the other letter recognition crafts that we have put up, would also be fun to do in a one-on-one setting.  It really just depends on your own preference.  All that matters is that the kids have fun, that way they are more likely to remember what they have learned.

So let’s get started!

Letter F Craft

Letter F Craft Supplies


  • Craft Foam
  • Glue (can use hot glue or white school glue)
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker
  • Paper or Cardstock
  • Googly Eyes


  1. After gathering all of the supplies, you will first download the letter F template and print onto paper or cardstock.Letter F Craft Template

  2. Cut out the letter F and trace onto the craft foam.Kid's Craft for Letter F

  3. Cut the letter out.Creative Alphabet Craft for Letter F

  4. Download and print the FRIES template and cut out. Trace the fries template onto craft foam. Cut out.Creative F is for Fries Craft

  5. Use a black marker to add detail to the fries and outline the rest.Letter F Recognition Craft

  6. Glue the fries into the red case.Letter F Recognition Craft for Kids

  7. Glue on googly eyes and add a smile with a black marker.Fun Letter F Craft

  8. Glue the fries onto the letter F.Fun Letter F Craft for Kids

    Letter F Craft for Kids

Now the F is for Fries Craft is done. Hopefully the kids will enjoy hanging it up with the rest of the letters!

Letter F Craft

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  1. This letter “F” craft with French fries is such a cute idea! I like your idea of having a French fry buffet with various sauces!

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