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Letter Matching Activity

Preschool Letter Matching PuzzlesWe discovered a fun new Letter Matching Activity this week. It is DIY Craft Stick Letter Puzzles. These were a piece of cake to make, and so much fun to play with and put together.

There are several things I love about this activity. First, it only takes a few minutes to make. Second, it shows both upper and lowercase letters in each puzzle. Third, they are very inexpensive to create.

Letter Matching Activity – DIY Craft Stick Puzzles

Craft Stick Letter Matching Activity puzzles for kids

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So how did we make our Letter Matching Activity?

  1. You will need a package of wood colored, 1″ wide craft sticks and colored Sharpie markers.
  2. Take 2 craft sticks, and lay them next to each other. Write an uppercase letter at the top and a lowercase letter at the bottom, writing across both sticks. (I used several sharpie colors for different puzzles. I wanted there to be a variety of puzzles in each color, so that it wasn’t just a color matching activity. However, if all 26 alphabet letters are in the same color, that might be difficult for some preschoolers.)DIY Letter Matching Puzzles Activity for Preschool
  3. Once the puzzles are complete, you can place them in a can or gallon zip lock bag. The children can pull them out and fit the two matching craft sticks together to complete their letter puzzles.
  4. Optional: If you would like, you could also draw a picture with that letter as the beginning sound. For example on the “A” puzzle sticks, you could draw an apple above or below the letters. You could also maybe place a sticker of that picture, and then cut it down the center line between the craft sticks.

Letter matching puzzles for Preschool

This activity is fantastic for centers or one on one learning time with students. However, you could also turn it into a group game. Place all of the puzzle pieces in the center of the table. Have everyone work at the same time, and see who can come up with the most matches.

You can also have the children say the letter names or sounds as they work and complete a puzzle. Another fun idea would be to have an alphabet checklist where they could cross off each letter as they solve that puzzle.

Do you like this Letter Matching Activity with DIY Craft Stick Puzzles? Give it a try with your preschoolers or kindergartners, and let us know how it goes. You can also share it with friends by pinning or sharing our video on Facebook.

Craft Stick Letter Matching Activity for Kids.

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2 Responses

  1. I love this idea! I started to make a set tonight, but I’m having problems with the marker bleeding, especially when I tried to draw a simple picture. Do you have any idea how to stop this? I’m using Sharpie fine tip and ultra fine tip markers.

    1. Mine did a bit too. I was only doing the letters, so it just made my letters a bit wider which was fine. For a picture, that could definitely be more tricky. Maybe try painting the picture on or use crayons.

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