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March First Grade Worksheets

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March First Grade Worksheets

They’re here! The March First Grade Worksheets are hot off the press and ready to print today. Green is my favorite color, so this has been a fun month for me. I love the shamrocks, the funny leprechauns, and of course, the pots of gold. March is also one of my favorite kite flying months, so there is some of that in the set as well.

This set includes 25 First Grade Math and Literacy printable worksheets. They are a fun way to work on first grade curriculum like addition, subtraction, telling time, measurement, grammar, writing and more. All of the sheets are ready to be copied and passed out. I created them in black and white to save on ink. They are perfect for home or in the classroom as morning work, homework, math centers, literacy centers, or as part of a lesson plan.


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March First Grade Worksheets - Math, Grammar and Writing

Every month I have favorites. I can’t help it. There’s just some worksheets that are more fun than others. I would love to hear what your favorites are. Check them out, and tell me at the end. You’ll also find the link to a FREE, super fun St. Patrick’s Day activity that the kids will love.

So with no further ado, here are the worksheets in this set:

March First Grade Worksheets

*Color By Digraph – 4 Leaf Clovers
*Whose Pot of Gold – Digraph Matching
*A Windy Day – Conjunctions

March First Grade Digraph Worksheets - Color by Digraph four leaf clovers.March First Grade Contractions WorksheetMarch First Grade Grammar Worksheets - Whose Pot of Gold Digraphs Matching
*Lucky Odds – Plural and Singular Nouns
*Flying High – Punctuation Fix it Sentences
*Silent -e – Roll, Write, & Read

First Grade punctuation worksheets for March - Flying High Fix It Sentences First Grade Noun Worksheet for March - Lucky Odds Plural and Singular Nouns March First Grade Silent -e Worksheets - Roll, Read, and Write silent e.
*Search and Graph – Verb Tenses
*Line them Up – Alphabetical Order
*Looking for Lucky Blends

Blends Worksheets for First Grade - March Theme First Grade Verb Worksheets for March - Search and Graph Verb Tenses March First Grade Worksheets - Alphabetical Order

*Would You Rather Clouds or Sunshine – Opinion Writing Organizer
*The Worst Day Ever!! – Narrative Writing Organizer
*My Favorite Part of our Classroom – Informative Writing Organizer

First Grade Writing Worksheets for March - The Worst Day Ever Narrative Prompt. First Grade Opinion Writing Prompt for March - Would You Rather (Clouds or Sunshine)March First Grade Worksheets - Informative Writing Organizer My Favorite Part of our Classroom.

March First Grade Math Worksheets

*Design a Kite – Common, Proper, & Possessive Noun Sort
*Color the Shares – Geometric Shapes
*Lucky Dice – Place Value Comparison

First Grade Noun Worksheets for March - Common, Proper and Possessive Nouns Sort March First Grade Geometry Worksheets First Grade Math Worksheets for March - Lucky Dice Place Value Comparison
*Pot of Gold Cut and Paste – Least to Greatest
*Fill in the Blank – Equations
*Pots of Gold Measurement

First Grade Math Worksheets for March - Pot of Gold Sorting Least to Greatest First Grade Measurement Worksheet for March March First Grade Math Worksheets - True or False Equations
*A Bit of Luck – Multiples of 10 Subtraction (Under 100)
*Is it Time to Fly – Telling Time
*March Word Problems

March Math Worksheet for First Grade - Multiples of 10 Subtraction. Telling Time worksheet for March. March Word Problems for First Grade
*Roll, Add, and Color Bingo
*True or False Equations
*Base 10 – Roll, Draw, and Expand

First Grade Addition Worksheets - Roll, Add, and Color Bingo. First Grade Math Worksheets - True or False Equations First Grade Math Worksheets for March
*Over the Rainbow – 10 More, 10 Less

March 1st Grade Math Worksheet - Over the Rainbow 10 More, 10 Less.

That’s the March First Grade Worksheet set. I hope you enjoy it. Now, as promised, I have a great new FREEBIE for you. Download your 3 Addend Addition Bingo Game today. Thanks, and have a great March!!


Addition Bingo Cards - Roll 3 dice, add them together, and fill up your card. So fun!

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