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Learning with Mini Erasers

Fun Learning Games with Mini Erasers #preschool #minierasers #kindergarten #funlearning #planningplaytime

Are you a collector of mini erasers? If not, watch out. You may become one soon.

Mini erasers make fantastic manipulatives. They come in so many bright colors and patterns, and kids LOVE them. There seems to be new styles for every season, and they are so easy to pull out and add to your centers and learning activities.

Today I’m sharing a few of our favorite ways to learn with mini erasers. This is just the beginning. There are so many options, but here’s a few to start with.

Mini Erasers – Learning Activities

Name Spelling Practice

Preschool Name Activity with Mini Erasers #preschool #minierasers #kindergarten #funlearning #planningplaytime #namewriting

The personality in these summer erasers are perfect for this name spelling activity. I wrote the child’s name on a sheet of paper. Then, all they had to do was trace that line with mini erasers. I love that they can chose erasers that fit their likes and favorites to complete this activity. It can turn into an all about me game as well.

Mini Erasers Counting

Mini Erasers Counting Activity #preschool #minierasers #kindergarten #funlearning #planningplaytime #counting

Counting is one of those early math skills that takes practice, particularly as you get into those teen numbers. These cute erasers are perfect for that. Print out these fun number circles on colored paper, and have the kids count away. Change it up to fit your theme of the month by switching out paper colors and eraser styles.

Beginning Sounds with Mini Erasers

Use Mini Erasers to Teach Beginning Sounds for Preschool or Kindergarten. #preschool #minierasers #kindergarten #funlearning #planningplaytime #beginningsounsd

Toy letters and mini erasers are all you need for this beginning sounds activity. Have the children pick out erasers, say the name, and then pick out the beginning sound and set it next to the eraser.

Shape Outlines

Making Shapes Game with Mini Erasers#preschool #minierasers #kindergarten #funlearning #planningplaytime #shapes

Making shapes is a skill taught in most preschool and kindergarten classes. I have shape cards in most of my preschool theme math & literacy center sets. Print them out, and let the children outline the shapes with mini erasers that fit your current theme.

Letter Making with Mini Erasers

Alphabet Letter Activities with Mini Erasers #preschool #minierasers #kindergarten #funlearning #planningplaytime #beginningsounds

If you have letter cards, they are perfect for this activity. We also used toy letters from the cupboard. The children can pick out a letter and then cover it with mini erasers. The next level up would be to re-create the letter out of erasers right next to the toy letter.

Sorting by Beginning Sounds

Beginning Sounds with Mini Erasers #preschool #minierasers #kindergarten #funlearning #planningplaytime #beginningsounds

There are so many ways to practice sorting and fine motor skills with these erasers. For this activity we sorted by beginning sounds. The toy letters sat in front of the mini cups we were sorting in to. Picking up and dropping these tiny erasers is great for building coordination in those little hands.

I hope you’ve found some of these ideas helpful. We’d love to see what you do with mini erasers. Tag us on Instagram @planningplaytime or share your pics in our teacher groups on Facebook. We can’t wait to see all the awesomeness, and figure out what eraser styles we need to go hunt down next. 😉



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    1. Hi Brigitte,

      I get some from Dollar Spot at target. You can also find them on and Oriental Trading. I hope that helps.

      Amy N.

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