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Missing Number Math Activity

Missing Number Math Activity for kids. So fun!

We have a fun Missing Number Math Activity for you this week. One of the important skills kids learn while counting is the importance of filling in the blanks. Then need to be able to start counting from a random place and fill in any missing numbers.

This activity is a fantastic way to practice filling in missing numbers. It is incredibly adaptable to whatever number sequences you are working on, and it’s fun!

We love adding in a bit of fine motor practice to our learning, and this math activity is full of it. Children will build finger strength as well as motion control as they complete the number sequences.

Missing Number Math activity for kids. So easy and fun!

Missing Number Math Activity for kids

First, write your number sequences out on craft sticks. We used colored craft sticks for a bit of fun color. You can use the plain ones as well.

Colored craft Sticks

Leave blanks for the children to fill in the missing numbers. You can leave it just as a blank space, or draw a line to show something is missing.

Missing Number Math Activity for Kids.

Next, write the missing numbers for you sticks on clothespins. We used these plain ones, but colored ones would work too.

Finally, let the children go to work. Have them count down each stick, clipping on the missing number clothes pins as they go.

Fun Missing Number Math Activity for Kids.

This missing number math activity is amazing for basic counting, but you can also use it for skip counting and other sequences. For a beginner level, I would start with numbers 1-10.

As the children get more advanced, I would start with random numbers, 1-100, and have them fill in the sequence.

For skip counting practice, write 3, 6, _, 12, 15, 18, 21. Let them fill in the 9. This is fantastic for multiplication practice.

You can make this missing number math activity to use in centers at school. It is also a very inexpensive take home math activity that children could do as homework or work on over the summer.

Happy Counting!

Missing Number Math Activity for Kids

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  1. I love this idea of learning how to count and at the same time getting in some fine motor skills, sometimes we have the materials right in front of us and need that little advice. Thank you 🙂

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