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Number Worksheets

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Kindergarten Math Unit 1

This awesome set of number worksheets and centers is perfect for a Kindergarten Math Unit 1. It is all about Numbers 1-10. There are 15 fun centers included in this set as well as 25 no-prep, printable worksheets.

This set can simplify your lesson planning by giving you pre-made interactive centers that the kids will love as well as worksheets for extra practice.

Here are some of the Kindergarten Math Centers included in this set:

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Kindergarten Math Centers

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Button Jar Counting

This center includes several skills. The children get to trace the number word with a dry erase marker. They they count the correct number of buttons onto the jar cards. Using real buttons is great fun, but I have also included printable buttons if you prefer to make your own.

Find these cute shape buttons here!

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Fun Counting Activities for Kindergarten or Preschool.

Apple Tree Counting

Kids love to get their hands in playdough. For this activity they get to count and make the correct number of playdough ball apples for the tree.

Fun Counting Activities for Kindergarten and Preschool

Goldfish Bowl Counting

How many goldfish go in the bowl? Count and find out. The children go through the fish number cards to determine how many fish to put in the bowl. They will love doing this activity with goldfish crackers. However, I have included printable goldfish that you could use instead.

Kindergarten Math Centers - Goldfish Counting Activity.

Farm Animal Counting

How many animals are on the farm? For each card, the children get to count how many critters they see. Then they record that number in the box. This is great for counting as well as number writing practice.

Fun Counting Activity for Kindergarten - Farm Animal Counting

Blowing Bubbles Counting

This kindergarten math center is great fun. The kids can count while they create the bubbles, and then again as they “Pop” the bubbles. Just poke your finger in each playdough ball to “Pop” the bubbles.

Fun Counting Activity for Kindergarten - Count and Pop Bubbles

One More, One Less Trains

It’s important for children to be able to determine which number is one more and one less than any given number. For this math center, the kids will fill in those missing numbers on the blank train cards. Each train cards gives them the opportunity to practice on a different number.

Kindergarten Math Centers - One more One Less

Build a Caterpillar Counting

How long is your caterpillar? For this activity, kids can use pom poms or any circular marker to show how long the caterpillar should be. This is great fine motor practice as well as one to one correspondence.

Cute Kindergarten Counting Activity - Build a Caterpillar Counting.

Apple 10 Frames Memory

This cute Apple Memory Game allows children to match up 10 frames with their correct number. This is great subitizing practice, and it’s a lot of fun too.

Counting Game for Kindergarten or Preschool

Transportation Count and Clip Cards

This activity is simple but fun. The children count how many vehicles are on each card, and then clip a clothes pin on the correct number.

Transportation Counting Activity for Preschool or Kindergarten

Cupcake Counting Puzzles

Most kids are huge cupcake fans, and they’ll love these fun cupcake puzzles. The children will get subitizing and counting practice as they match up cupcake tops with cupcake bottoms.

Cupcake Counting Puzzles for kids.

Rocket Number Tracing

These number tracing cards are great for counting while working on writing numbers correctly. The rockets make it extra fun.

Number Tracing Activity for Kids and other fun Math Centers.

More Kindergarten Math Centers

The other math centers include fun, hands on activities you can prep in just minutes with a few things from around your house or the game cupboard. Supplies needed include paper cups, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, clothes pins, Uno cards (or other numbered game cards) and dominoes.


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Number Worksheets

This Kindergarten Math Unit 1 set comes with 25 fun Number Worksheets. These worksheets cover numbers 1-10. They include skills like one to one correspondence, counting, number tracing, and number order.

Here’s a quick peak at the types of number worksheets you will find in this set:


Apple Counting Worksheets for KindergartenKindergarten Apple Counting Worksheets 1-5Bug Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten or PreschoolKindergarten Number Worksheets - Count and TraceKindergarten Counting Worksheets 6-10Number Words Worksheet for Kindergarten - Fish Bowl CountingKindergarten Number Order Worksheets - Hopping Number Order.Number Tracing Worksheets for Kindergarten 1-5Ice Cream Cone Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten and PreschoolSpin and Graph Number Worksheet for Kindergarten 1-6Kindergarten Number Worksheets - Number 5

I hope you love these Number Worksheets and Kindergarten Math Centers as much as we do. You can purchase the entire set in my store.

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