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Pool Noodle CVC Words Activity

CVC Words Activity with Pool Noodles - Slit the back and clip them on the edge of a tub.

We’ve been hunting for fun ways to learn over the summer, and this Pool Noodle CVC Words Activity was a hit with my little reader. Blending sounds and putting words together can be a tricky thing to master, but my son was anxious to practice when I brought out a tub full of pool noodle letters.

The idea is pretty simple. Take two pool noodles, in different colors, and cut a straight line to the center of each noodle all across the back. Then slice it into 1 – 1 1/2 inch slices.

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Next, write the letters of the alphabet on the front of the slices, using one color for consonants and another color for vowels. Then place the letters in a container with an edge.

Let the reading fun begin! Have the children start making words by placing two consonant color slices on the outside with a vowel colored slice on the inside. Have them sound their combination out to see if it is a real or nonsense word.

They can keep track of their words by recording them on a sheet of paper in columns titled Real Words and Nonsense Words, or they can use a simple tally to show how many words they’ve made.

Pool Noodle CVC Words Activity - Cut a slit in the back and then clip the letters onto the edge of the tub. So fun!

The separate colors for vowels and consonants makes it easy for new readers to distinguish between the two and get that vowel in the middle. Clipping and clipping the noodles is a lot of fun, in addition to being some great fine motor practice, and the best part is that when you’ve finished for the day, pop those letters into the tub, slap a lid on it, and put it away for another day of fun.

This could be a fun water activity too if you have a small kiddie pool or something with a ledge. These letters float, and the kids can splash and read at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that if you ask me. 🙂

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun summer pool noodle CVC words activity idea. Feel free to pin and share it with your friends.

Have a great summer everyone, and Happy Reading!

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