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Preschool Letter Matching Activity

Preschool Letter Matching Activity using Juice Bottles

This past week we discovered a cool new Preschool Letter Matching Activity. It is the perfect combination of letter recognition, fine motor skills, and lots of fun. You can even turn it into a recycling activity. Bonus!

Children love screwing and unscrewing things. I know we’ve purchase toys from the store where that is the sole purpose, and the kids love it. It’s great!

It’s amazing how often we twist and untwist things throughout the day. My kids often start the day out with that while helping themselves to some milk. Getting the lid to line up just right and matching the grooves is great practice for their little fingers.

Juice Bottle Letter Matching Activity for Preschool

Preschool Letter Matching Activity

For this activity, you can use any type of bottles you have lying around. We chose old juice bottles, but milk jugs would work. Peanut butter jars would work. Whatever bottles you have lying around can be used to make this activity.

They don’t all have to be the same size either. In fact, having a variety of sizes would allow children to self correct better as they go through the activity.

Once you have accumulated your jars and lids, write capital letters on the jars. We did this by cutting strips of construction paper, writing the letters on them, and then taping them to the jars. You can write directly on the jars though if you prefer.

Preschool Letter Matching Activity with Juice Bottles

Next, you will need to write lowercase letters on the lids. We wrote ours on small, round stickers, but again, you could write directly on the lids as well.

Now it’s a simple matter of matching the letters and placing the correct lids on the correct jars. It really is a lot of fun, The kids can put the lids on and take them off again.

Preschool Letter Matching Activity for kids.

You could adapt this activity to practice colors, numbers, and even word families. There are so many fun possibilities.

We hope you enjoyed this awesome Preschool Letter Matching Activity. Find more activities here on our blog, or check us out on Facebook for fun activity idea videos.

Juice Bottle Letter Matching Activity for Preschool

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