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Preschool Letter Recognition Activities

Preschool Letter Recognition ActivitiesI have a 3-year-old at home with me this school year, and we have been working on a lot of preschool letter recognition activities. Learning letters is great preparation for kindergarten, and it is important pre-reading and writing practice. We try to mix it up and keep it fun so he doesn’t lose interest, and it has been so exciting to try out a lot of different methods. With a bit of creativity (and a bunch of crap in the closet), we make school time playtime around here.

We thought we’d share a few of our favorite activities.

Paper Cups Preschool Letter Recognition Activity

Preschool Letter Recognition Activities - Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters using paper cups, and lots of other fun activities.

This was such a simple activity to prep for, and he had a great time with it. I took a paper cup and traced circles on a sheet of paper. then I wrote capital letters in the circles and matching lowercase letters on top of the cup. His job was to match the lowercase with the upper case letter by placing the correct cup on top of the circle. It was simple, fast, and fun, and that is why it made the list of favorites.

Preschool Letter Recognition Activity – Letter Finds

Preschool Letter Recognition Activities - Letter Find Worksheets

I love these adorable letter find worksheets for preschoolers. Each one has a specific letter theme with an adorable picture, and hidden inside and around the image are the focus letter mixed in with other letters from the alphabet. The children get to search for the correct letters, circle or stamp them, and then count and record how many they found of both upper and lowercase. It’s great practice, and if you laminate the pages, you could use them over and over again instead of reprinting the pages each time.

Cupcake Liner Preschool Letter Recognition Activity

Preschool Letter Recognition Activities.

Cupcakes are a favorite of mine, and I tend to have a stockpile of cute, colorful cupcake liners in the cupboards at all times. Everything is better when you have a cupcake, just say’n. For this letter recognition activity we combined some of my polka dot cupcake liners with a favorite of his, ping pong balls. We LOVE ping pong balls. They’re bouncy. They don’t hurt if they hit you, and they’re great fun to learn with. I wrote capital letters at the bottom of the cupcake liners and then wrote lowercase letters on the ping pong balls. All he had to do was place the ping pong balls in the correct cupcake liner.

Adorable Preschool Worksheets to use All Year Long

Preschool Worksheets - The Full Year Bundle.

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Legos Preschool Letter Matching Activity

Preschool Letter Recognition Activities - Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters using legos, and other fun activities.

It’s hard to go wrong when you’re using legos. When we finished this activity, my son wouldn’t even let me take the stickers off. He used them for a week with the letters still intact. I used blank white labels I had sitting around, and wrote the letters on them with a sharpie, but you could use paper or plain colored stickers as well. After writing upper and lowercase letters on separate legos, I had my preschooler sort through and stack the matching letters on top of each other. This was probably his favorite activity of the entire group.

Letter Tracing in Sugar

Preschool Letter Recognition Activities - Drawing in sugar - and other fun activities.

If you haven’t tried this activity with your kids yet, you should. I got it out for my preschool aged son, but I quickly had to retrieve plates of sugar for my 1st and 4th grader as well. We drew letters in the sugar, sight words and spelling words with the older kids, and then they drew whatever they felt like when we were done. The floor was sticky, but it kept them entertained for hours. I’m a big fan.

Letter Find Puzzles for Preschool and Kindergarten. Find and count the letters.

These letter find puzzles are excellent upper and lowercase preschool letter recognition practice with a side of counting. Kids will love the cute seasonal themes and they hunt for and count their upper and lowercase alphabet letters.

There you have it, a quick look at the preschool letter recognition activities we’ve been working on this year. I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to comment with your favorite activities as well. We love trying new things.


Preschool Letter Recognition Activities Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters with Ping Pong Balls and Cupcake liners.

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