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Sight Words for Kindergarten

Sight Words for Kindergarten Centers and Worksheets #sightwords #kindergartenliteracy #sightwordsworksheets #planningplaytime #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets

Looking for fun ideas to teach Sight Words for Kindergarten? These awesome hands on centers and worksheets work on Fry’s first 25 sight words.

Children get to build, recognize and read sight words in a variety of fun ways. The engaging activities keep it from getting too repetative, and encourage fine motor skills in addition to reading.

Several of the activities also work for an on-the-go Interactive Sight Words Binder! These are great in centers, in the car, or anytime your kids needs some quite time learning.


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Sight Words for Kindergarten

Sight Words Piggy Bank

Sight Words Bank - Fun Kindergarten Sight Words Games #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytime

Kids LOVE to sort coins into piggy banks. For this activity, they simply get to read the the word on each coin before they put it in the slot. You can print only the words the kids are working on right now, or let them try out all twenty five.

This activity is great for fine motor skills as well as reading.

Sight Word Builder

Sight Words for Kindergarten - Sight Words Games #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytime

For this activity, kindergarteners can work on sight words in 3 different ways:

  1. Read the Word
  2. Trace the Word
  3. Build the Word.

Sight Word Ferris Wheel

Sight Words Ferris Wheel - Kindergarten Sight Words Games #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytime

This sight words for kindergarten game channels all of the fun of the fair. Children can pretend play while spinning their ferris wheel. If you have a human figure, you could have them pretend to ride the wheel, reading the words as they take their ride.

Sight Word Scramble

Sight Words for Kindergarten - Interactive binder Games #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytime

This interactive binder activity is great fun. The kids get to try to unscramble the letters in each cone to figure out what word it is. Then they can place those ice cream scoops on top. We use Velcro dots to attach the pieces.

Sight Word Crayons

Kindergarten Sight Words - Interactive Binder Games #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytime

The Interactive binder is a great option for this sight words building activity as well.

Sight Word Caterpillar

Fun Kindergarten Sight Words Activities #sightwords #kindergartenworksheets #sightwordsworksheets #kindergartencenters #planningplaytime

Playdough Sight Words

Playdough Sight Words - Sight Words for Kindergarten Games #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytime

Building kindergarten sight words with playdough is a great way to add sensory and fine motor practice into a reading activity.

Sight Word Find Cards

Sight Word Find Game - Kindergarten Sight Words #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytime

When children are ready for a game, have them hunt for sight words. We use clear, flat marbles as our markers, so the children can still see their words even after they are covered. It’s fun to see and explore how the marble magnifies the word too.

Sight Word Fortune Tellers

Kindergarten Sight Words Game - Sight Words Fortune Tellers #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytime

Forture tellers are a great way to team learn sight words. Kids can take turns picking a number, then a shape, and that determines which sight word they must read to their friend. This is tremendous fine motor practice as well.

Sight Word Beading

Fun Sight Words Games for Kindergarten - Beading Sight Words #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytime

For this activity we turned our favorite beading blocks into sight word builders. Use shoe laces to complete the activity.

Sight Word Blocks

Sight Words for Kindergarten - Fun Interactive Binder #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytime

Sight Word Puzzles

Kindergarten Sight Words - Fun Interactive Binder #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytime


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Sight Words for Kindergarten Worksheets

This sight words for kindergarten set also includes 25 Sight Word Find worksheets. My kids favorite way to do these is with a dot marker. They love hunting down and daubing the sight words.

You can also color them with crayons, paint or stickers.

Sight Words Find Worksheet - and #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytimeSight Words Find Worksheet - that #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytimeSight Words Find Worksheet - the #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytimeSight Words Find Worksheet - you #sightwords #sightwordsworksheets #literacyworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #planningplaytime


I hope you found these sight words for kindergarten activities helpful. If they would be helpful in your classroom, you can purchase them by clicking the Purchase Printables button throughout this post or the the image below.


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