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Turkey Activities for Preschool

Thanksgiving Preschool Activities - Turkey Math and Literacy Centers

Fall is the perfect time for exploring turkey and Thanksgiving Activities for all ages from Preschool to Kindergarten. You can get started with hands – on fun for just $7.50.

Morning tubs are often used as students are coming in and settling in for the day. Kids are engaged while take home folders are being opened and checked, attendance is being taken, and those types of daily tasks. Math and Literacy Centers are great for a couple of reasons.

  1. Socialization: Math and Literacy Centers give kids a chance to work together in small groups. They get to share pieces, solve problems together, and even just talk, play, and learn for a few minutes with a couple of their tablemates.
  2. Creativity and Play: Creativity is something we can build and increase by spending time working on it. Math and Literacy Centers are a perfect way to introduce a little more play and freedom into learning rather than traditional worksheets or morning work that kept kids busy but did not encourage creativity and play.
Turkey Math and Literacy Centers Preschool

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Turkey Activities for Preschool

Build a Turkey Playdough - Preschool Counting Activities

Turkey Feather Counting

We love this sensory activity for practicing counting. Roll out playdough and count the feathers to complete your silly turkey.

Thanksgiving Turkey Patterns Preschool

Turkey Feather Patterns

Patterns are fun for learning what comes next. Use pom poms, buttons, or dot markers.

Thanksgiving Letter Activities Preschool

Baking Letters

Do you have a little one that enjoys baking? They will have a blast cooking up the matching letters for their pie.

Turkey Counting for Preschool - Thanksgiving Activities

What Turkey’s Eat

Have you ever wanted to feed a turkey? Here’s your chance! Fill the plate with the number of items shown.

Turkey Counting for Preschool - Thanksgiving Activities

Pie Slicing

A great way to count and work on fine motor skills! Use a hole punch or a clothespin to mark the correct number of slices.

Turkey Patterns for Preschool - Turkey Centers

Tumbling Turkey Patterns

Are you ready to shake you tail feather? Finish the pattern shown using foam stickers or animal crackers.

Turkey Patterns for Preschool - Turkey Centers

Turkey Feather Colors

Love this adorable color matching and counting activity.

Turkey Patterns for Preschool - Turkey Centers

Making 10 Pies

Are you team whip cream or no whip cream on pies? We love it at our house! In this activity we are adding the correct number to make 10 with the number shown. You can also count out the number shown.

Playdough Shape Mats - Turkey Shape Activities Preschool

Turkey Shapes

Create your Turkey shapes and work on fine motor skills while rolling out playdough to form your shape.

Thanksgiving Alphabet Activities Preschool

Alphabet Pie

Have a blast matching the letters on your pie. Set up a dramatic play “pie” store and let your child pick a letter you call out to practice matching.

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