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Under the Sea Theme

Preschool Ocean Theme Dramatic Play Area #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

Would your preschool kids love an Under the Sea theme dramatic play center? The ocean themed play is filled with fun, hands-on activities, crafts and creative, educational play.

Why dramatic play? Dramatic play is a very natural way for children to learn in early childhood. They explore science, math, literacy and social skills in a developmentally appropriate way, and they LOVE it.

This dramatic center is packed full of art opportunities, STEM exploration, and fine motor skills practice.

Would you like to see the Under the Sea theme ideas? Check them out.

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You will probably need a wide variety of Under the Sea activities for your preschool lesson planning. We’ve included activities ranging from STEM, dramatic play, sensory fun, crafts, and more. Check them out below.

Under the Sea Theme Activities for Preschool

Preschool Dramatic Play Centers for an Ocean Theme - I spy Animals Wall #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

Ocean Information Center

Kids will get to learn about fish and ocean habitats in this under the sea theme learning area. They can also play I Spy Sea life on the Ocean Wall with printables from this set.

Ocean Dramatic Play for Preschool. So fun! #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

Ocean Wall

We set up our ocean area with sea creature crafts we made together. We loved our pool noodle fish, that can also float, our cup turtle, starfish, octopus and more.

Preschool Ocean Theme Dramatic Play Centers. #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

Shell Sorting

Sorting is an important early math and science skill. Here we use a variety of sea shells to sort by size.

Preschool Ocean Theme Dramatic Play and Sensory Centers. #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme #sensorybin

Shell Sensory Bin

At the bottom of our ocean wall, I used burlap to imitate a sandy beach. We covered it in shells for the kids to explore and collect. Shells are also perfect for a sensory bin. Hide them in sand and clean them in the water with brushes.

Ocean Theme Dramatic Play for Preschool #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

Deep Sea Submarine Dive

This submarine was SO fun. The kids can put on Captain and Engineer ID tags to navigate the ship. You can also set up a ticket stand to sell and collect tickets from passengers.

Ocean Sensory Bin with a Juice box Submarine and Pool Noodle Fish #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme #sensoryplay #sensorybin

Boat Builders

This activity is all about STEM and sensory play combined into one awesome activity. We used old cans, bottles, juice boxes and other garbage to make boats that can actually float.

Dramatic Play & DIY Crafts

Preschool Ocean Theme Dramatic Play Centers - Fun Pretend Play for kids #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

Scuba Diving Dramatic Play

Scuba diving was another huge hit in our Under the Sea theme dramatic play center. This underwater photographer is taking pictures with her juice box camera craft. (Instructions and printables in the set.

DIY Diver Tank - Preschool Dramatic Play for an Ocean Theme #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

DIY Oxygen Tank

The oxygen tank craft was the hit of the week. The kids loved pretending to scuba dive with this simple craft

Preschool Dramatic Play Ocean Theme - DIY Flippers Craft #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

DIY Foam Flippers

We also made them flippers out of foam seats from the dollar store. The template is included in this dramatic play center set.

Preschool Dramatic Play for an Ocean theme. DIY Diver Tank Craft #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

Diver Supply Station

This was our diver’s supply station where kids could hang their gear and “fill” their oxygen tank.

More Under the Sea Crafts, Dramatic Play, and Counting Activities

Pool Noodle Fish for Preschool Ocean Dramatic Play #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme #fishcraft #oceancraft

Ocean Art Center

We made all kinds of fun ocean crafts in our art center. These pool noodle fish were perfect for decoration, pretend play and floating around in our sensory bins.

Preschool Ocean Theme Dramatic Play - Turtle Craft with Fine Motor Practice #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

Bottlecap Turtle

Our sea turtle offered amazing fine motor skills practice for little hands.

Shark Teeth Counting - Preschool Ocean Activities #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

Shark Teeth Counting

The kids got to practice counting with shark teeth, and they got some more fine motor practice while they were at it.

Preschool Ocean Theme Dramatic Play and Art Centers - Starfish Texture Craft #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

Starfish Sensory Rubbings

Our starfish were a great way to learn about texture and patterns. They were perfect for decoration on our ocean wall afterwards.

Preschool Ocean Dramatic Play - Puffer Fish Fine Motor Skills #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

Puffer Fish Craft

This puffer fish craft was excellent fine motor practice for the kids. We made it from an old toilet paper roll.

Preschool Ocean Theme Dramatic Play Centers - Nametags and Juice box Camera #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

ID Tags

Kids love the ID tags that they can wear and switch out as they move from station to station. We had a marine biologist, photographer, fisherman and more.

Preschool Dramatic Play for an Ocean Theme - Under the Sea Restaurant #preschool #dramaticplay #underthesea #oceantheme

Under the Sea Restaurant

We love to play shop or restaurant in our dramatic play centers. This was our Under the Sea theme restaurant. You could host it on the submarine or at a table next to the ocean wall.

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