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Valentine Party Games

Valentines Party Games idea for Kids - Candy Heart Game #valentinesgame #valentinesday #valentinespartyDo you need Valentine Party Game ideas for kids? This fun Candy Heart party game has children thinking about and sharing things they love. It is as simple as FREE printable game cards you can add to mini boxes of candy hearts.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where children have the opportunity to learn about and express love. It’s about more than just candy or cute Valentine cards. This game helps them consider and talk about people they love, their favorite things and places, and even things they love about themselves.

You can use these as DIY Valentine Cards to hand out at school. They are also fantastic as a Valentine Party Game for school or other group activities.

Valentine Party Games for Kids #diyvalentines #valentinesparty #valentinesday

Valentine Party Game – Things I LOVE


  1. Print out the Valentine Party Game Cards here.
  2. Cut out the cards, and attach them to mini boxes of Candy Hearts. We used ribbon, but you can use glue, tape or stickers as well.


  1. Take turns pulling out 1 candy heart.
  2. Find the color of your heart on the card.
  3. Say one thing you LOVE from that category.

*Note: Candy heart brands vary in color somewhat. We have included color options for the most popular versions. The white heart, with a blue outline, can be blue or white depending on the brand you purchase.

Fun Valentine Party Games idea for kids. #diyvalentine #valentinesday #valentineparty

To make the game a bit harder, you can institute a NO REPEATS rule. This means that each child has to come up with a new thing each time, and can’t use something that has already been said.

Want to make it educational? You could easily adapt this Valentine party game to talk about parts of speech and different types of nouns.

We hope you enjoy this Valentine Party Game idea. Enjoy the free printable, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Party Games Idea - Things I Love Candy Heart Game #valentinesday #diyvalentines #valentinesparty




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