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2D Shapes

2D Shapes Activities for Preschool #preschoolshapes #2dshapes #shapesworksheets #shapesactivities #planningplaytime

Do you need 2D preschool shapes worksheets and activities? This unit is packed with fun, preschool shapes worksheets and activities for your centers and extra practice.

Kids will get to work on 2D shape formation, shape tracing, shape recognition, and finding shapes in real life objects.

2D Shapes for Preschool

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Basic Shapes for Preschool

The basic shapes we start teaching in preschool are square, circle, rectangle, triangle, octagon, oval, and pentagon. In addition to those basic geometric shapes, you may also include heart, star, and the hexagon.

Shapes Games Preschool

These shapes games for preschool are the perfect way to get your kids playing with and excited about shapes. From lacing to puzzles, kids will get to enjoy hands-on learning while getting some fine motor practice as well.

Preschool Shapes Activities - Lacing Shapes Cards

Preschool Lacing Activity

We love combining skills in our activities, children get to build fine motor skills and coordination while pulling a shoelace through the holes in these shapes cards.

Preschool Shapes Activities - Thread Shoe Laces through Drinking Straws Preschool Shapes Activities - Thread Shoe Laces through Drinking Straws #2dshapes #preschoolshapes #shapesworksheets #preschoolworksheets #shapesactivities #planningplaytime

Threading Shapes Activity

Drinking straws turn these simple shape cards into a fantastic fine motor activity. The kids get to practice forming the shape while working on their coordination and little fingers.

Preschool Shapes Activities - Shape Monster Cups #preschoolprintables #2dshapes #2dshapesprintables #planningplaytime

Shape Monster Cups

These Shapes Monsters are so easy to make. Just place the laminated monster mouths on top of a paper cup. Then kids can sort buttons or foam shapes to feed their triangle, circle, and other shape monsters.

Preschool Shapes Activities - Playdough Shapes #preschoolprintables #2dshapes #2dshapesprintables #planningplaytime

Playdough Shapes

This is another fun way to practice shape formation. Children get the sensory fun of rolling out playdough into long snakes. Then they can follow the pattern on the card to make their shape.

Preschool Shapes Printables - Cookie Shape Sorting #preschoolprintables #2dshapes #2dshapesprintables #planningplaytime

Cookie Shape Sorting

Playing with cookies is always a hit in preschool. You can sort the printable shape cookies into the jar or use shape cookie cutters to make your own batch of shape cookies.

Shape Puzzles for Preschool

Pencil Shape Puzzles

Kids love puzzles and here we have turned some cute pencil puzzles into a shapes game. Match the correct top and bottom to complete the shape.

2D Shapes for Preschool

2D Shapes Activities for Preschool

These 2D shapes activities help preschoolers form shapes, trace shapes, and sort by shapes. Use playdough, clothespins, pom poms, buttons and other fun toys to play while you learn.

Preschool Shapes Printables - Shape Matching Clip Cards #preschoolprintables #2dshapes #2dshapesprintables #planningplaytime

Real Life Shapes Matching

Learning to recognize shapes in real life is an important early math skill. These clip cards allow children to find those shapes and work on grip strength as they clip those pictures.

Preshool Shapes Games - Playdough Pizza Shapes #preschoolprintables #2dshapes #2dshapesprintables #planningplaytime

Pizza Shapes

Making pizza is so fun, and for this game the kids can roll out or form their pizza dough into shapes like triangles, squares, and rectangles. We added red buttons to ours for our pepperoni toppings.

Preschool Shapes Printables - Making Shapes Fine Motor Activity #preschoolprintables #2dshapes #2dshapesprintables #planningplaytime

Shape Outline Circles – Fine Motor Fun

You can fill in the circles to outline these shapes with flat marbles, pom poms or for extra fun, use dot markers.

Preschool Shapes Printables - Matching Shape Clip Cards #preschoolprintables #2dshapes #2dshapesprintables #planningplaytime

Shape Matching Clip Cards

Can you recognize which shapes look the same? Work on grip strength as you clip them.

Preschool Tracing Shapes and More

Are you looking for preschool tracing shapes templates, pattern block printables, and shape sorting activities? Find them below.

Preschool Shapes Activities - q-tip shape building #preschoolprintables #2dshapes #2dshapesprintables #planningplaytime

Q-tip Shape Building

How many sides are in each shape? Count the sides and build the shapes using q-tips. You could also use craft sticks for this activity.

Preschool Shapes Activities - Pattern Block Pictures #preschoolprintables #2dshapes #2dshapesprintables #planningplaytime

Pattern Block Printables

Another critical early math skill is learning to create shapes and pictures from other shapes. Here the kids can work on following the patterns to build their shape pictures or experiment on making their own designs.

Preschool Shapes Activities - Geoboard Shape Making

Geo Board 2D Shapes

We love our geoboards for fine motor skills. Here the kids can practice forming shapes with their boards. The pattern cards give a bit of extra help while designing the shapes.

Preschool Shapes Printables - Shapes Stencils #preschoolprintables #2dshapes #2dshapesprintables #planningplaytime

Preschool Tracing Shapes Printables

Stencils are a favorite with my kiddos and these printables allow kids to trace all kinds of basic 2D shapes.

Preschool Shapes Printables - Shapes Tracing Cards #preschoolprintables #2dshapes #2dshapesprintables #planningplaytime

2D Shapes Tracing Printables

We turned these tracing cards into a shapes book using a ring, but you can keep the cards separate as well.

Preschool Shapes Printables - Apple tree Shapes #preschoolprintables #2dshapes #2dshapesprintables #planningplaytime

Apple Tree Shapes

Sorting is a critical preschool skill that prepares kids for later science and math activities. Here we have kids sort by shape using these fun apple trees.

2D Shapes for Preschool


In addition to the hands-on activities above, we also created 15 fun preschool shapes worksheets. These worksheets back up what you’ve been learning all week and stack skills like tracing, scissor practice, sorting, and more.

Shapes Worksheets for Preschool

This first set of worksheets is all about preschool tracing shapes. The first shape on each page is the easiest to trace. Then they get progresively more difficult as a fun challenge for your preschoolers.

Preschool 2D Shapes Worksheets - Tracing Circles #preschoolworksheets #2dshapes #shapesworksheets #planningplaytime
Preschool Shapes Worksheets - Tracing Rectangles
Preschool Shapes Worksheets - Tracing Squares #preschoolworksheets #2dshapes #shapesworksheets #planningplaytime
Preschool 2D Shapes Worksheets - Tracing Octagons #preschoolworksheets #2dshapes #shapesworksheets #planningplaytime
Preschool 2D Shapes Worksheets - Tracing Triangles #preschoolworksheets #2dshapes #shapesworksheets #planningplaytime
Preschool 2D Shapes Worksheets - Tracing Ovals

Shapes Printables Preschool

This second set of shapes printables gives kids even more tracing practice. Some of these pages give kids numbered steps of how to property form the shape one line at a time.

2D Shapes Tracing Worksheets for Preschool #preschoolworksheets #2dshapes #shapesworksheets #planningplaytime
Preschool 2D Shapes Tracing Worksheets #preschoolworksheets #2dshapes #shapesworksheets #planningplaytime
Preschool 2D Shapes Worksheets - Tracing Pentagon

More Preschool Shapes Worksheets

This last set of preschool shapes worksheets is all about sorting shapes. Preschoolers need to be able to find shapes in real life objects and be able to sort by those shapes. These printables help with that skill.

Circles Worksheet for Preschool #preschoolworksheets #2dshapes #shapesworksheets #planningplaytime
Squares Worksheets for Preschool
Triangles Worksheets for Preschool #preschoolworksheets #2dshapes #shapesworksheets #planningplaytime
Rectangles Worksheets for Preschool #preschoolworksheets #2dshapes #shapesworksheets #planningplaytime
Pentagon Worksheets for Preschool #preschoolworksheets #2dshapes #shapesworksheets #planningplaytime
Octagon Worksheets for Preschool #preschoolworksheets #2dshapes #shapesworksheets #planningplaytime

Grab your copy of these adorable 2D Preschool Shapes Worksheets and activities today. They’ll make your life easier as you plan and prep your best preschool shapes unit yet.

More Preschool Shapes Activities You’ll Love

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