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Dinosaur Preschool Theme

Fun Dinosaur Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten #preschool #dinosaurtheme #dinosaur #preschoolactivities

Do you teach a Dinosaur Preschool Theme during the year? Dinosaurs are a preschool favorite, for boys and girls. I love that we can mix in some great math, counting, and even letters and colors while playing with dinosaurs.

These new Preschool Dinosaur Theme printables are all about helping children learn and practice their preschool skills while playing with and learning about dinosaurs. We use playdough, toy dinosaurs, and of course some fun printables and worksheets for extra practice.

Would you like a peek at the amazing activities in this set? Check them out and tell me which ones are your favorites in a comment below.

Here is your look at this fun set:

Dinosaur Activities for Preschool

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Our Laminator and Laminating Sheets.


The dinosaur theme is a favorite of teachers and early educators everywhere. Kids’ love for dinosaurs makes it easy to sneak in lots of math, literacy, and other learning in with the crafts, fine motor activities, and sensory play.

Dinosaur Preschool Math Activities

There is no reason you can’t have fun and get in some movement and fine motor skills while working on math skills. These dinosaur preschool math activities focus on counting, number formation, and number sense while playing along the way.

Dinosaur Scales Counting Activity for Preschool. So fun!

Dinosaur Scales Counting

This dinosaur fine motor activity is also fun for pattern practice. The children can create their own color patterns as they count scales onto the dinosaur’s back.

Dinosaur activities and Games for Preschool - Dinosaur Counting Cards

Dinosaur Math Count and Clip Cards

Count the scales for this fun dinosaur preschool theme math activity. Clip a clothespin on the correct number for some bonus grip strength practice.

Dinosaur Egg Counting Activity - Fun Preschool Dinosaur Theme #preschool #dinosaurtheme #dinosaur #preschoolactivities #preschoolcounting

Counting Dinosaur Eggs Math

The kids love making their own dinosaur eggs for this dinosaur math activity. To make it even more fun, you could hide mini dinosaur toys, buttons, or erasers inside your playdough eggs.

Dinosaur Counting Activity for Preschool - Fun Preschool Dinosaur Theme Games #preschool #dinosaurtheme #dinosaur #preschoolactivities

Dinosaur Small World Math Mat

Curate your small world using toy trees, sand, fabric, and rocks. Then count the correct number of dinosaurs onto the mat.

Fun Dinosaur Footprint Counting - Preschool Dinosaur Theme Centers.

Sensory Preschool Dinosaur Math Activity

Pair sensory play with counting for this engaging preschool dinosaur theme math activity. Use dinosaur toys to leave fossil prints in the playdough. Count as you go.

Preschool Dinosaur Theme activities - Counting and Numbers. #preschool #dinosaurtheme #dinosaur #preschoolactivities

Dinosaur Number Formation Activity

These dinosaur math cards are great for pre-writing preschool kids. They can work on number formation using playdough before they are ready to hold a pencil.

Dinosaur Activities for Preschool

Dinosaur Preschool Literacy Activities

Games are a fantastic way to get kids engaged in learning. These dinosaur preschool literacy activities focus on letter recognition, matching capital and lowercase letters, and even sight words.

Dinosaur Battleship Letter and Number Recognition Game - Preschool Dinosaur Activities. #preschool #dinosaurtheme #dinosaur #preschoolactivities

Dinosaur Alphabet Game (Battleship Look a Like)

This is one of our new favorite games, and it is excellent for teaching number and letter recognition. Use the printables to create a simple file folder game. Then add dinosaurs to play. We used these adorable Dinosaur Counters in rainbow colors.

Preschool Dinosaur Letter Matching Activity - Preschool Center #preschool #dinosaurtheme #dinosaur #preschoolactivities

Alphabet Dinosaur Letter Craft

Use this cute preschool dinosaur letter craft to practice letter recognition. Clipping and unclipping the clothespins is also excellent for hand strength and fine motor practice.

Dinosaur Footprint Sight Words Stomp - Preschool Sight Words Activity. Fun!

Sight Word Stomp Dinosaur Activity

Stomp like a dinosaur, and get a little bit of sight words practice in at the same time. I love this fun activity for beginning readers.

Dinosaur Egg Letter Puzzles for Preschool

Alphabet Eggs Preschool Dinosaur Puzzles

Practice letter recognition while helping each dinosaur find its matching letter to solve the puzzle.

Dinosaur Crafts for Preschoolers

Lots of teachers and early educators like to include dinosaur crafts for preschoolers in their dinosaur theme units. Here are a couple of ideas you can use.

Preschool Dinosaur Craft - Dinosaur Paper Bag Puppet. #dinosaurcraft #preschoolcrafts #preschool #dinosaurs

Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet Craft

Use the dinosaur puppet craft printable template for your head. Glue it to a paper bag for an adorable preschool dinosaur puppet. Then chomp, chomp, chomp on letters or sight words.

Preschool Colors Activity for a Dinosaur Theme. S #preschool #dinosaurtheme #dinosaur #preschoolactivitieso fun!

Dinosaur Colors Craft Spinner

For this preschool dinosaur activity, we are working on colors. Create the spinner using our template and then attach a spinner brad or use a Transparent Spinner. Spin a color and cover the dinosaurs.

More Dinosaur Activities for Preschool

Variety is critical when teaching a classroom of young preschoolers. Here are a few more preschool dinosaur theme printables you can use in your math centers or small groups.

Dinosaur Counting Puzzles for a preschool dinosaur theme.

Dinosaur Counting Puzzles

These preschool dinosaur counting puzzles are simple and fun. They store easily in a zip lock back for an easy center idea

Dinosaur Subitizing Activity for preschool or kindergarten.

Dinosaur Math Subitizing Eggs

Subitizing is an important early math skill that kids can practice with this activity. Play, sort, and learn with this preschool dinosaur printable that teaches number sense.

Dinosaur Fossil Counting Activity for Preschool or Kindergarten.

Dinosaur Fossil 10 Frames

This dinosaur fossil preschool activity works on multiple skills. Learn a bit of science while also working on making 10, an important early math skill.

Dinosaur Shapes Sorting Activity for Preschool

Dinosaur Shapes Graphing

Learn about shapes while sorting and getting some gross motor practice. This preschool dinosaur sorting activity covers multiple skills at once.

Dinosaur Activities for Preschool


In addition to the hands-on dinosaur preschool activities above, we also created 15 fun worksheets for you. These worksheets include tracing, scissor practice, counting, color-by-number, and more.

Dinosaur Math Worksheets for Preschool

It’s important to give kids a variety of ways to practice number sense. These dinosaur worksheets for preschool are a great way to cover skills like number formation, counting, subitizing, and comparing numbers.

Dinosaur Worksheets for Preschool - Dinosaur Counting Activity. #dinosaurworksheets #preschoolworksheets #preschool #dinosaurs
Dinosaur Number Matching Worksheets for Preschool. So Fun! #dinosaurworksheets #preschoolworksheets #preschool #dinosaurs
Dinosaur Worksheets for Preschool - Number Tracing #dinosaurworksheets #preschoolworksheets #preschool #dinosaurs #numberworksheets
Dinosaur Find and Count worksheets for Preschool. #dinosaurworksheets #preschoolworksheets #preschool #dinosaurs
Preschool Dinosaur Worksheets - Color by Number #dinosaurworksheets #preschoolworksheets #preschool #dinosaurs
Dinosaur Counting Worksheets for Preschool. #dinosaurworksheets #preschoolworksheets #preschool #dinosaurs

Dinosaur Literacy Worksheets for Preschool

In preschool, we are still learning letters and starting to work on high-frequency words like color names. You’ll get all of that in these dinosaur-themed literacy worksheets.

Preschool Dinosaur Worksheets - Letter Matching Cut and Paste #letterworksheets #dinosaurworksheets #preschoolworksheets #preschool #dinosaurs
Preschool Dinosaur Worksheets - Color by Letter Worksheets for Preschool #dinosaurworksheets #preschoolworksheets #preschool #dinosaurs #letterworksheets
Preschool Colors Worksheets - Dinosaur Theme #dinosaurworksheets #preschoolworksheets #preschool #dinosaurs

More Dinosaur Worksheets for Preschool

You will also want to include other skill options for your preschoolers to work on like patterns, shapes, and maybe even coloring. Get that practice with these cute dinosaur worksheets for preschool.

Patterns Worksheets for a Preschool Dinosaur Theme #dinosaurworksheets #preschoolworksheets #preschool #dinosaurs
Preschool Shapes Worksheet for a Dinosaur Theme. #shapesworksheets #preschoolshapes #dinosaurworksheets #preschoolworksheets #preschool #dinosaurs
Dinosaur Dot to Dot Coloring Page for Preschool #dottodot #coloringpage #preschool #dinosaurs

More Preschool Dinosaur Printables

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