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June Preschool Binder

Preschool Activities Binder for June - Preschool Skills Binder

Are you looking for a fun way to keep your kid’s Preschool Skills Sharp over the summer?

The June Preschool Binder was created to make preschool ridiculously fun for kids while being incredibly easy for you.

Why are our Monthly Preschool Binders so popular with moms and teachers…

  1. Building Independence: Kids are able to work on their own or in small groups at their table to use their binders. It encourages them to self-start and learn/play on their own.
  2. Easy Prep: Print and slip the pages into sheet protectors. It’s that simple! No cutting and laminating required.
  3. Play-Based: These interactive, hands-on activities are built to engage little minds, use multiple senses, and make learning ridiculously fun.
June Preschool Activities Binder

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Looking for the manipulatives we used with our June Preschool Binder? We’ve collected all the links for you in one easy place, and we may even get a small commission when you buy through these links. It’s a great way to support our blog at no cost to you.


Our Laminator and Laminating Sheets.

June Preschool Binder Activities

Preschool Shapes Activities - Preschool Skills binder

Campfire Shapes

We’re working fine motor skills while building shapes with sticks or playdough in this fun preschool skills activity. Kids also get to start analyzing and counting how many sides a shape has by how many sticks they used.

Preschool Activities Binder - Preschool Counting Activity

Night Sky Counting

Stargazing the preschool way… We’re counting stars in the night sky using buttons, playdough or stickers. How many stars did you find?

Alphabet Activities for Preschool - Preschool Skills Binder

Alphabet Roast

It’s marshmallow roast time. Plop a marshmallow (or white pom pom/cotton ball) down on each of the matching letters in the jar.

Measurement Activities for Preschool - Summer Preschool Binder

Rope Measurement

It’s tug-of-war measurement time! How long is that rope? Measure with blocks or another manipulative for some non-standard measurement practice.

Counting Activities for Preschool - June Preschool Binder

Fishpond Counting

How many fish are in the pond? We used goldfish crackers with this self-correcting counting page. Kids are getting fine motor practice while counting their fish into the pond. They’re also getting one-to-one correspondence in this fun snacktivity.

Preschool Activities Color Matching - Summer Preschool Activities

Fishpond Colors

This pond is full of rainbow fish, and we’re sorting to see how many of the focus color we can find. Cover them with buttons, playdough or pom poms as you count.

Preschool Skills Binder - Summer Preschool Activities

Count and Roast Marshmallows

Bring all the fun of smores to counting with this fun preschool activity. We add tongs to get some grip strength and fine motor practice while we count.

June Preschool Activities Binder

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