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Preschool Dental Activities

Dental Health Preschool  Activities

Are you looking for fun Dental Activities for Preschool to get your kiddos excited to learn about dental health? Morning tubs are often used as students are coming in and settling in for the day. Kids are engaged while take home folders are being opened and checked, attendance is being taken, and those types of daily tasks. Math and Literacy Centers are great for a couple of reasons.

  1. Socialization: Math and Literacy Centers give kids a chance to work together in small groups. They get to share pieces, solve problems together, and even just talk, play, and learn for a few minutes with a couple of their tablemates.
  2. Creativity and Play: Creativity is something we can build and increase by spending time working on it. Math and Literacy Centers are a perfect way to introduce a little more play and freedom into learning rather than traditional worksheets or morning work that kept kids busy but did not encourage creativity and play.
Dental Health Morning Tubs

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Our Laminator and Laminating Sheets.

Preschool Dental Activities

Number Sense Activities Preschool - Dental Health Preschool

Tooth Fairy Numbers

Practice number sense by helping the tooth fairy mark all the different matching numbers.

Dental Health Math Activities Preschool - Missing Number Worksheets

Missing Number Teeth

For this activity, we are working on counting and number order.

Counting Teeth Dental Health - Preschool Dental Activities

Teeth Checkup Counting

Help the dentist sort out the clean and dirty teeth by counting how many you have of each.

Dental Health Preschool Patterns

Toothbrush Patterns

Create a fun toothbrush by building the colored patterns shown.

Scissor Activities for Preschool Cutting Practice - Dental Health Cutting Practice

Toothbrush Scissor Practice

We LOVE scissor skills for fine motor practice. We like to say “thumbs up” when we cut.

Preschool Dental Health Activities - Letter Matching

Alphabet Teeth

For this activity, we are focusing on letter recognition. Mark both the upper and lowercase letters that match the target letter.

Teeth Counting Activities - Preschool Counting Practice

Dirty Teeth Counting

Yikes, this mouth needs a good brushing. Count the dirty teeth and mark the correct number.

Teeth Patterns - Preschool Dental Health

Teeth Patterns

Patterns are a great activity for determining what comes next and sorting.

Dental Health Theme Preschool - Counting Activity

Toothbrush Tally

Count the toothbrush tallies and fill the 10 frame with the correct number.

Addition Activities Preschool - Dental Health Math Preschool

Tooth Fairy Addition

How much money does the tooth fairy leave at your house? Count the number of teeth collected.

Dental Health Morning Tubs

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