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Apple Science Preschool

Apple Science Preschool Experiments

The Apple Science Unit for preschool is packed with experiments to practice a variety of science skills from classifying, sorting, making predictions, and more. All the while, you get to explore and learn with the different hands on activities while helping to creating a future scientist.

Why is teaching science important for Preschool…

First, learning to classify, sort, observe, and make predictions is part of everyday life.

Next, Science is all around us from mixing paint colors, cooking, or playing outside. You can incorporate science into everyday fun.

Lastly, skills learned through experiments and exploration are cumulative so your child will continue to build on what they know and learn.

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Apple Science Preschool Activities

Graphing Activities Preschool - Apple Science Activities for Kids
Preschool Science Activities - Apple Tasting Recording Sheet

Apple Graphing

Apple Tasting Station

Analyze the data shown on the graph and record how many you have of each apple. Be sure to ask questions about which color of apple has the most or least, what is your favorite color etc.

Obviously kids enjoy any activity involving snacks. Observe the different characteristics of each type of apple based on taste, texture, and appearance. Afterwards, count how many stars you gave in total to determine your favorite type of apple.

Browning Apples Experiment - Science Ideas for Kids
Apple Lifecycle Preschool - Science Activities for Kids

Brown Apple Experiment

Apple Life Cycle Chart

Have your apples ever turned brown? In this activity we will make and make predictions about the effects of various substances when placed on an apple. Not only that, you can determine which substance works best to keep your apples fresh.

Without a doubt, scientists try to understand the process and order of events. For this activity you will learn about the life cycle of the apple. Use this as an interactive activity to place the events in order.

Parts of an Apple Preschool - Parts of An Apple Anchor Chart
Sink or Float Experiment for Kids - Preschool Apple Science

Parts of an Apple

Sink or Float

An anchor chart is perfect for learning about the different parts of the apple. In addition, you can hang the picture on a wall or in a center area to help children place the correct word parts.

This classic experiment is equally fun when compared to others. Choose different apple products, try cutting them various ways too, next predict if they will sink or float.

Apple Science Activities Preschool - Apple Cutting Activity Preschool
Apple Size Sorting Preschool - Preschool Science Activities

Sliced Apple Patterns

Oftentimes, you’ll see a scientist look for patterns and try to recreate them. With adult supervision, slice the apples and compare your version to the picture shown.

Weighing Apples - Preschool Science

Weighing Apples

Understanding attributes about an object is equally an important part of science. Children will make predictions based on what they already know and then use the scale to determine if their predictions were correct.

Sorting Apples

Using real apples or apple counters in different sizes to sort and classify the apples by size. Additionally, you can use colored pom poms too.

Apple Volcano Experiment for Kids - Preschool Apple Theme

Apple Eruptions

Whenever messes and exploding things are involved, kids are sure to get excited. In this situation, the apple experiment meets all of those requirements. You will work on predications, observations, and more.

Apple Science Preschool Experiments

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