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Apple Theme Preschool

Apple Theme for Preschool

Bite into this ADORABLE Apple Theme Preschool unit and get everything you need to have your best apple week yet.

This set is PACKED with bright colors, fun, and hands-on learning ideas for preschool kids. There is Math, Literacy STEM, Colors, Tracing, and more.

These red, green, and yellow apple activities are perfect for your centers and lesson plans.

Apple Worksheets - Preschool

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Prepping your preschool apple theme lesson plans and centers is going to be a breeze with this amazing collection of activities. Nearly every activity comes with a side of fine motor skills to complement the other skills you are working on.

Preschool Apple Activities – Math

Getting kids excited and engaged in math early is huge for their academic development because math skills build on each other and require practice. Here are some super fun, active, apple-themed ways to keep kids enjoying math.

Preschool Counting Game - Apple Theme

Wormy Apple Counting

Fine motor skills meet counting in this wiggly, wormy apple activity. The fact that it is a little bit silly makes it even more engaging and fun.

Apple Worm Counting Activities for Preschool

Worm Hole Count and Punch

There are few things preschoolers enjoy more than using a hole puncher. Here we combine that grip strength practice that gets them ready for scissors and pencil grip with some early math skills.

Preschool I Spy Game - Apple Theme

Apple I Spy Counting

I Spy games are fun, yes, but did you also realize that they encourage sorting and maybe even classification? Here we stack that with math skills as well.

Apple Theme Activities - Preschool Counting Puzzles

Apple Counting Puzzles

These simple counting puzzles are easy and fun for the math center. They can help kids practice subitizing as well as one-to-one correspondence.

Preschool Shapes Math Game - Apple Theme

Apple Shapes Spin and Cover

Using a spinner turns a simple shapes activity into something more like a board game. We use our favorite clear spinners but you can also DIY it with a pencil tip insice a paperclip.

Preschool Math Game - Who Gets the Apple, Roll and Count Game.

Who Gets the Apple Game

This apple race game is another fun way to practice number sense concepts like subitizing and one-to-one correspondence.

Apple Worksheets - Preschool

Preschool Apple Crafts and Literacy Activities

There are lots of parts to early literacy and these preschool apple crafts and activities help kids work on several of them. They’ll practice spelling their name with the paper plate apple craft and then practice letter formation and recognition in these other activities.

Pocket Apple Name Craft for Preschool

Apple Name Paper Plate Craft

Do a simplified version of this paper place craft by gluing red tissue paper to the plate and gluing on the stemp and letter seeds.

For this version we got to do some fine motor sewing and the pocket hold the letter seeds so you can reuse them to spell your name or even sight words.

Alphabet Letter Cards - Preschool Apple Theme

Apple Letter Cards

These apple letter cards are versitile. Use them for tracing, memory games, or even in a sensory bin where you write the letters in sand or cinnamon sugar mix using your pointer finger.

Apple Theme learning Activities for Preschool

Match & Clip Letters

This one is easy and fun. Try matching capital to lowercase and dots on the clothespins to numberals. This activity is great for grip strength as well as fine motor practice.

Preschool Letter Find - Apple Theme

Apple Letter Find

Combine this with the activity with the letter cards above to cover each apple as you pull them out of the cards. Another option is to cover the letter apples with toy letters. Either way use tongs for fine motor, grip strength, and fun.

More Preschool Apple Activities

We definitely don’t want to miss sorting and patterns when teaching a classroom of young preschoolers. Here are a few more apple theme printables you can use in your classroom centers or small groups.

Preschool Apple Theme - Color Puzzles

Apple Sequence Cards

First, then, next, last… this is getting your kiddos ready for future writing assignments as well as many other applications. Sequencing is a great skill to practice in preschool.

Preschool Apple Theme - Color Puzzles for Preschool

Apple Color Puzzles

Puzzles are great for critical thinking as well as grit. These apple puzzles also help with sorting colors and come in red, yellow, and green.

Apple Tree Counting Game for Preschool

Apple Tree Counting

We wanted to make this math activity sensory so we used green playdough to cover the tree. Then kids could squish and push their “button” apples into the tree. SO fun!

Preschool Pattern Activities - Apple Theme

Apple Color Patterns

Patterns are another super important preschool skill because they help kids start prepping for multiplication (patterns in math). Patterns are also something they will find in social and earth sciences, phonics, writing, and so much more.

Preschool Pattern Cards - Apple Theme

Apple & Stick Patterns

Here’s another adorable preschool pattern activity. This one almost looks like pre-computer coding to me. Whether it preps the next generation of computer scientists or not, it is a whole lot of fun.

Apple Seed Counting Games for Preschool

Apple Seed Counting

Vary the difficulty of this activity by changing the manipulative you are using. For the highest level of difficulty, use actual apple seeds. They are tiny and will require more control to pinch and place.

For a slightly easier version you could use buttons or pom poms and maybe use tongs.

Apple Worksheets - Preschool


In addition to the hands-on preschool apple activities above, we also created 15 fun worksheets for you. These worksheets include tracing, scissor practice, counting, color-by-number, and more.

Preschool Apple Worksheets – Math

These worksheets are designed to not only help preschoolers with their early math skills, but to get some fine motor, scissor, and gluing practice as well. Check out these fun worksheets from dot to dot and coloring to counting and sorting pages.

Preschool Apple Worksheets Dot to Dot Coloring Page
Preschool Apple Counting Worksheets 1-5
Roll and Color Apples Counting - Fall Preschool Worksheet
Apple Seed Counting Worksheets
Apple Worksheets for Preschool - Apple Tree Counting
Preschool Apple Worksheets - Apple Patterns

Preschool Apple Theme Worksheets – Literacy

These pages give your kiddos a bit more cut and paste practice as they work on letter recognition, sorting capital and lowercase letters, and matching letters.

Preschool Letter Worksheets - Preschool Tracing worksheet for an apple theme
Preschool Apple Worksheets - Capital or Lowercase Letter Sort
Preschool Alphabet Worksheets for a preschool Apple Theme

More Preschool Apple Worksheets

Keep the skills going with tracing practice, color sorting, and same or different activities.

Preschool Apple Worksheets - Hungry Worms Tracing Worksheet
Preschool Apple Worksheets - Find and color
Apple Theme Worksheets for Preschool - Same or Different

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these apple theme preschool activities and worksheets. Grab them today for your next apple theme week.

More Preschool Apple Activities

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