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Letter E Preschool Crafts

What better way to learn about the letter E than with these easy and exciting Letter E Preschool crafts? From upcycling egg cartons and elephants to eggcellent sensory activities and even Elmo, explore the letter E with your preschooler.

Letter E crafts for kids - Letter Crafts for Preschoolers

Letter E Crafts for Preschool

E is for Earth

Enjoy this easy E craft with your preschooler. Not only can you work on letter recognition, but you can also talk about the earth and everything we do to keep it clean.

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E is for Egg Carton

This upcycled letter E craft from No Time For Flash Cards uses items your preschooler will find around the house. They’ll get to practice cutting, arranging, and gluing the egg cartons.

E is for Elephant

Kindergarten Worksheets and Games gives you a fun sensory experience with your kiddo. Creating the elephant using finger paints is a great way to introduce the letter E and learn about animals too.

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E is for Eagle

This incredible eagle activity from Crystal and Comp helps your preschooler practice their fine motor skills. Learning about the letter E with this bird has never been more fun.

E is for Elmo

Give this classic character a place in your lesson plans to make learning even more fun. With an E template from School Time Snippets and your red paint, you’ll be ready to go. .

E is for an Eggcellent Sensory Experience

Learning about the letter E is an eggcellent way to not only practice recognizing and tracing the letter E but doing many egg-themed crafts. Ducks N a Row shares a fun, marbled egg activity that will be a sensory delight for your preschooler. 

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E is for Echidna

Try this super unique E craft with your preschooler to learn all about the letter E and a new animal friend, the echidna! DLTK’s paper plate craft introduces this new Australian animal whose name starts with an E–which is double the learning fun for your preschooler. 

E is for Envelope

Use this letter E craft as an opportunity to practice creating the letter E using envelopes, but also a way to talk about the community helpers who deliver these envelopes. This craft from No Time For Flash Cards gives you the step by step instructions for your preschooler to create their own letter E.

Explore the Mailman Name Craft and more fun inside the Community Helpers theme!

Community Helpers
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