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Winter Science Activities for Preschoolers

Winter Preschool Science Activities - Science Fun For Preschoolers

While winter might keep your preschooler inside, it doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of fun winter science activities they can do indoors. Plus, for the warmer winter days, there are a couple of activities they can take outdoors for some winter fun!

Preschool Winter Science Activities

Indoor Vacuum Science Experiment

It’s definitely cold outside, but that won’t stop your little scientist from learning. Try out this cool science activity that will involve grown-up supervision, but will inspire their curiosity


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Candy Cane Slime

This candy cane slime from Kimspired DIY is a great sensory experience for your preschooler. Between the slime’s texture and scent, they’ll get to use many of their senses with this fun winter craft.

Penguin Science

If your preschooler has ever wondered what it’s like to be a penguin, here’s their chance to find out. ABCs of Literacy has a cute and easy penguin science activity to get a feel for what it’s like for our arctic pals.

The Arctic Animals theme makes a great addition to this craft!

Arctic Animals Activities

Ice Magnets

This fun, frosty winter science activity combines ice, painting, and magnets. This activity from Sparklingbuds brings all the fun of winter activities inside, without getting too cold. 

Frost in a Can

This simple STEM activity from STEAM Sational lets your preschooler create condensation inside. It’s a great opportunity to tie in talks about the weather and how water exists in many forms. 

Snow Volcanoes

If the weather isn’t too cold outside, these snow volcanoes are a fun learning experience for your little one. Science Sparks tries out different colors and uses many items you’ll already have around the house. 

The activities in the LOW PREP Winter Binder are perfect companion to the Winter Science Activities for Preschoolers.

Winter Preschool Binder - Low Prep Preschool Activities

Sticky Ice

Playdough to Plato brings you a super simple sticky ice experiment. See if your little scientist can guess (form a hypothesis) as to what will make the difference between the string sticking or not sticking to the ice.

Ice Melting Activity

The Chaos and the Clutter shows how even cold temperatures can’t freeze your preschooler’s curiosity. The goal is to see what ingredient melts ice the fastest. . 

Exploding Snow

123HomeSchool4Me has the perfect winter science activity to fill your preschooler up with glee. Give your kids a hands on experience by creating snowmen bags that will grow and grow until they explode!

This Snowman Theme is packed full of hands on math and learning fun!

Preschool Centers - Snowman Theme

Fizzy Snowman

It’s never too soon to introduce a little bit of chemistry to your preschooler. This winter science experiment from 7 Days of Play is the perfect activity to introduce safe, but exciting, chemical reactions and inspire their curiosity. 

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