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Letter D Crafts for Preschoolers

What better way to learn about the letter D than with these darling and fun crafts? From dinos and dogs to dragons and donuts, dive right into exploring the letter D with your preschooler.

Letter D Crafts for Preschoolers

Letter D Crafts for Kids

D is for Dragon

Creating a magical and mythical dragon is a fun way to introduce the letter D and learn all about it. From practicing tracing the letter to crafting the day away, let this letter D craft inspire your preschooler’s imagination.

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D is for Duck

This darling duck craft is as cute as it is simple and a fun way to practice letter recognition. Visit Kids Activities for a template to use as the base of your feathered friend.

D is for Dinosaur

This dino-mite dinosaur craft is a great way to learn about the letter D and get to decorate some fun dino pals while you’re at it. Check out The Kindergarten Connection for all the details. 

Keep the fun going with math and literacy activities in the Dinosaur Activity Binder.

Dinosaur Preschool Binder

D is for Donut

Donuts have never been more delightful than when you use them as a tool to learn the letter D. The Mama Workshop gives step-by-step instructions to sweeten up this learning opportunity.

D is for Dalmation

This creative craft for the letter D is brought to you by Crafts by Amanda. This playful Dalmatian puppy will get your preschool excited to learn about the letter D and talk about pets and their animal friends.

Practice letter matching with the dog house letter find cards.

Pet Activities for Preschool

D is for Dandelions

This darling dandelion craft will be a sensory sensation for your preschooler. From Artsy Craftsy Mom comes the opportunity to practice the alphabet, work on fine motor skills and play with pipe cleaners. 

D is for Dolphin

Have some fun with your friends under the sea, all while learning about the letter D. Check out this craft from That Bald Chick for free templates and directions. 

Explore the ocean with your new Dolphin craft.

Ocean Binder Preschool - Low Prep Activities

D is for Dots

The Kindergarten Connection makes q-tip painting more fun than ever before. Have your preschooler dot the letter D, all while learning how to make a D and decorate with all different kinds of colors

D is for Dad

Whether it’s a craft for Father’s Day or a fun way to practice the letter D, consider creating these magnets from Crafts By Amanda. Your preschooler will engage their sense of touch by creating the dough.

Learn all about families with counting, family portraits and more!

All About Me Activities Preschool Cover

D is for Dog

This adorable doggy craft is a cute, fun way to introduce the letter D. Simple Everyday Mom gives you a template to follow, but have your preschooler customize the colors to make it look like a paw-some pet at home.

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